Frit Blends for Lampwork

Presented here are exquisite frit collections sourced from renowned online suppliers such as Glass Diversions, Frit Heaven, Glittering Prize, Val Cox, Flame Dame, and Arrow Springs. These meticulously curated frit blends boast a 96 COE (Coefficient of Expansion), ensuring seamless compatibility with a diverse range of glassworking projects. Notably, these frits can be artfully integrated with 104 COE glass, provided they constitute less than 10% of the composition. Crafting lampwork beads with these frit blends offers an immensely rewarding creative experience. You can add the frit to the surface of the beads, encase them, or create custom frit stringers. The term 'frit' denotes finely ground glass particles that can be fused within glasswork or delicately applied to the surface of lampwork beads, elevating the intricacy and visual allure of the final masterpiece.

Frit Heaven

Chocolate Swirl Frit

Lilac Blossom Frit

Lilac Blossom Frit

Pandora's Box Frit

Pandora's Box Frit

Pandora's Box Frit

Berry Cobbler Frit

Glass Diversions

Confetti Frit

Enchanted Frit

Gaia Frit

Mint Majesty Frit

Cottage Garden Frit

Peaceful Pond Frit

Peaceful Pond Frit

Wanderlust Frit

Hydrangea Frit

Butterfly Kisses Frit

Sand Dune's Frit

Winsome Rose Frit

Heather Frit

Maltese Frit

Whisper Frit

Hydrangea Frit

Val Cox Frit

King's Robe Frit

Morpho Blue Frit

Mischief Frit

Cream Confetti Frit

Glittering Prize Frit

Berry Cider Frit

Berry Cider Frit

Monochrome Magic Frit

Sun Fine Frit (Orange)

May Blossom Frit

Flame Dame - GG's Frit

Golden Sands Frit

 Rose Garden Frit

Never Give Up Frit

Never Give Up Frit

The Best of the Best Frit

The Best of the Best Frit 

Arrow Springs Frit

Turquiose Stone Frit

Pink Tourmaline Frit

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