These beads feature the Mint Majesty Frit blend from Glass Diversions, evoking thoughts of vibrant citrus hues with its brighter tones. The blend complemented all base colors beautifully, though I found it particularly striking over pink, white, yellow, and beige. The lighter base colors truly enhanced the brilliance of the vibrant tones, creating a captivating contrast.

mint majesty frit lampwork beads

The base glass in these beads was Bubblegum Pink, Periwinkle, and Oyster's Mushroom. These colors really popped over the pink and Oyster's mushroom. 

mint majesty frit lampwork beads
These base glass colors were Violet New, White, and Painted Hills. This frit looked lovely over brighter colors which really made the colors pop. It also looked nice over Violet new due to the reactive nature of the base glass.

mint majesty frit lampwork beads

The encased beads turned out a nice shade of green, however the brighter pinks, oranges, and greens pretty much disappeared. This is a nice blend that would look great over most colors.

March 18, 2024 — Stephanie White

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