handmade bracelets

Measuring for a Perfect Handmade Bracelet

Here at SWCreations, we offer handmade bracelets from 6 1/2” to 8 1/2” long and every 1/2” in between. Many of our bracelets also come complete with a ½” extender chain and some bracelets that don’t come with an extender can have one added. Please be aware that a bracelet without an extender is not adjustable so accurate measurements are even more important.

Determine how loosely you would like to wear your Beaded Bracelet

Many people prefer their bracelets to have a little “dangle” similar to a charm bracelet while others prefer them to fit a bit more snuggly. A looser bracelet will slide up and down your wrist as you raise and lower your arm while a snugger bracelet will tend to stay put more. If you aren’t sure which style you prefer, you may want to try on your favorite bracelet and see how much movement it has. Chances are a new bracelet that fits in a similar way will also become a favorite!

Find a fabric tape measure (or a piece of string or yarn and a ruler)

Measure your wrist just above the joint where your hand meets your arm; the bone you’ll feel on the outside of your wrist joint. You want to measure your wrist just above that joint. If you want your new bracelet to have some movement, you’ll also need to measure where your hand starts to widen out. After all, you wouldn’t want your new dangly bracelet to slide right off your hand!

Wrap the tape measure somewhat loosely around your wrist and slide it down to where your hand just starts to widen. This should be the base of your thumb and it’s where you’ll want to take your second measurement. The two measurements are often the same but since everyone is an individual with their own beautifully unique body, there are times when they don’t match and we’ll need that second measurement!

Add ½” to the measurement you took above your wrist joint and that will be the size bracelet you’ll want to order for a comfortable, wrist-watch type fit. For a looser, dangling fit, you may want to add another fraction of an inch. Just don’t exceed that measurement at the base of your thumb!

If you find a bracelet that you love, but it doesn’t come in your size, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can often create a custom piece that will fit you just the way you like. We also offer resizing for gifts; no more worrying that your thoughtful gift won’t fit the lucky recipient perfectly!