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Handmade Beaded Jewelry As Unique as the Women Who Wear Them

The artist of SWCreations, Stephanie A White, is the designer of original beaded jewelry and lampwork beads since 1999. All beaded jewelry is handmade, here in the USA, and nothing is mass produced. You are sure to find jewelry that will become treasured heirlooms for years to come. All our beaded jewelry designs are created with the highest quality beads and gemstones collected from around the world. Our exclusive jewelry designs are created with a variety of one of a kind beads that create rarely identical products. Our handmade jewelry designs are often copied, but our quality is incomparable and unmatched.

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5 Things to Consider When Buying Handmade Jewelry Online

5 Things to Consider When Buying Handmade Jewelry Online

Online marketplaces like Etsy are known for providing platforms for small businesses and local artisans. Recently, these online shops have reported ridiculously large revenues despite the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the pandemic actually made it easier for customers to buy handmade jewelry and other products online!

November 08, 2021 by Jonah Truong
Buying Jewelry Online? Here’s How to Pick the Right Bracelet and Ring Size

Buying Jewelry Online? Here’s How to Pick the Right Bracelet and Ring Size

Can you relate to the struggle of browsing through an online jewelry shop, putting every piece you like in your cart, and then never actually buying them? Even though the online jewelry market is growing massively, customers still have concerns about buying jewelry online. A lot of these concerns have to do with jewelry sizes.

You’ll never know if the beaded bracelets or rings you’re ordering online will fit — unless you follow this guide. Here’s how you can measure your sizes properly and pick the perfect ones when buying handmade jewelry online.

November 03, 2021 by Jonah Truong
lampwork beads by SWCreations

5 Kinds of Beads You Need In Your Jewelry Collection

Remember when you used to make those plastic bead friendship bracelets in middle school? Those beaded bracelets, alongside beaded necklaces and rings, are back in fashion in 2021!

Beads have been used in jewelry-making since as early as the 15th century. You’ll find varieties of beads in different regions all across the globe. Be it bracelets, necklaces, rings or even anklets — beaded jewelry is not going out of fashion anytime soon!

If you’re not particularly fond of the tiny plastic beads of the 90s, then here are some other bead varieties for you to explore.

October 30, 2021 by SWCreations Jewelry

About Us

Stephanie A White is the artistic visionary behind SWCreations and has served as the designer of our original beaded jewelry since 1999 and recently lampwork beads. SWCreations is a beaded handmade jewelry shop, creating the finest handcrafted jewelry in the USA. Our jewelry undergoes a meticulous process, and each bead is one of a kind. While you’re unlikely to find anything mass-produced in our collections, you’ll find jewelry that’ll become treasured heirlooms within your family over the years. We craft all our beaded jewelry designs with the highest quality beads and gemstones from around the world. Our handmade jewelry designs are exclusive, and our quality is unmatched. If you’re looking to buy beaded jewelry sets online, you’ll feel at home with SWCreations.

Visit the What's New page to view the latest additions to our one of a kind beaded jewelry designs. All of our designs are created with dazzling Swarovski Austrian crystals, delicate freshwater pearls, and handmade Lampwork beads. Our amazing beads are imported from all over the world and include gorgeous gemstones, intricate Bali .925 silver, and sterling silver. Some of our Lampwork beads are created in our studio by Stephanie herself. All of our beaded jewelry is strung on 49 strand wire for strength and durability and all pieces are personally guaranteed with normal wear. 

Here you will find beautiful handmade beaded jewelry to suit all of your needs at very affordable prices. Are you looking for inspirational beaded jewelry? 

We design beaded anklets and bridal party jewelry, such as matching wedding anklets. We even have something old, something new, something borrowed, and wedding beaded jewelry such as our something blue—wedding Something Blue Sapphire crystal handcrafted beaded anklets! Now the lovely Bride can ready for her special wedding day with handcrafted beaded jewelry.

All beaded anklets are not created equal! SWCreations is home to more than 200 original handmade adjustable crystal beaded anklets. Most of our unique anklets are never identical and can be custom designed in almost any size and color, depending on availability of beads and findings. Get your perfect fitting ankle bracelet designed today!

SWCreations is not limited to women’s beaded jewelry alone! We have various items that add style to your home décor, or make perfect bead gifts; Take a look at our unusual beaded gifts handmade beaded bookmarks, charm beaded keychains jewels, handmade purse charms charms accessories, and unique lamp and crystal ceiling beaded fan pulls, and wine bottle charms.

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