These captivating beads were meticulously crafted using Chocolate Swirl by Frit Heaven, a captivating blend known for its dynamic reactions. The palette boasts rich tones of brown, golden brown, and beige, creating a mesmerizing interplay of colors. Paired with a range of complementary hues including black, beige, teal green, brown, violet, and light turquoise, these beads offer a stunning array of visual contrasts. For those seeking even more dramatic effects, utilizing reactive base colors will enhance the mesmerizing reactions with the frit, resulting in truly unique and striking creations.

chocolate swirl frit lampwork beads
The base colors used are Primavera, Violet New, Light Turquoise, and Light Gray Pearl. There are some fantastic reactions when using reactive base colors like Violet New, Light Turquoise, and the Gray Pearl.
chocolate swirl frit lampwork beads
These base colors are Black, Jupiter Storm, Green Sage, and Sherwood. I made the decision to stick with base glass colors that I thought looked good with brown.
chocolate swirl frit lampwork beads
This frit blend surprised me with lovely reactions over all these base glass colors. This frit did not work as well when encased in glass because sometimes the dark colors take over. I will have to test creating a frit stringer over white see if it does better. 
April 01, 2024 — Stephanie White

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