chocolate swirl frit lampwork beads

Chocolate Swirl Frit Lampwork Beads

These captivating beads were meticulously crafted using Chocolate Swirl by Frit Heaven, a captivating blend known for its dynamic reactions. The palette boasts rich tones of brown, golden brown, and beige, creating a mesmerizing interplay of colors. Paired with a range of complementary hues including black, beige, teal green, brown, violet, and light turquoise, these beads offer a stunning array of visual contrasts. For those seeking even more dramatic effects, utilizing reactive base colors will enhance the mesmerizing reactions with the frit, resulting in truly unique and striking creations. If you are not into making, you can shop all our lampwork beads.
April 01, 2024 — Stephanie White
pandora's box frit lampwork beads

Pandora's Box Frit Lampwork Beads

These exquisite beads showcase the artistry of various techniques, all employing the enchanting Pandora's Box frit by Frit Heaven. The first technique involves swirling the frit within the glass, resulting in captivating striations that add depth and texture to the beads. In the second method, the frit is delicately applied atop opaque base glass colors, creating a mesmerizing swirl effect within the glass.
March 24, 2024 — Stephanie White
gaia frit lampwork beads

Gaia Frit Lampwork Beads

The Gaia frit blend by Glass Diversions offers an intriguing mix of colors, primarily green with subtle undertones of ivory and shimmering gold aventurine. The blend creates beads that evoke a natural, earthy aesthetic, reminiscent of the lush tones found in nature. This mossy green or olive green for this frit blend.
March 22, 2024 — Stephanie White
Maltese Frit Lampwork Beads

Maltese Frit Lampwork Beads

The Maltese Falcon frit from Glass Diversions is a beautiful frit that looks good on most of the base glass colors I selected. The frit colors are primarily light brown, dark brown, and purple. The purple is a nice darker purple that is similar to Reichenbach Lilac Opaque glass. The frit itself was very reactive and you could see nice color separation and beautiful lines on many of the beads.
May 08, 2023 — Stephanie White