frit blends in lampwork beads

Frit Blends

Here are frit collections sourced from several reputable online companies including Glass Diversions, Frit Heaven, Glittering Prize, Val Cox, Flame Dame, and Arrow Springs. These frit blends are typically rated at 96 COE (Coefficient of Expansion), ensuring compatibility with various glassworking projects
April 15, 2024 — Stephanie White
King's Robe Frit Lampwork Beads

King's Robe Frit Lampwork Beads

These exquisite beads are crafted using the renowned King's Robe frit, meticulously curated by Val Cox. Infused with a mesmerizing blend of purple, pink, and green glass pieces, this frit transforms into a stunning plum shade of purple when encased. While its vibrancy is truly captivating, it's worth noting that the camera may enhance the intensity slightly, as I've adjusted the settings to reflect a truer representation of the color.
March 16, 2024 — Stephanie White
Morpho Blue Frit Lampwork Beads

Morpho Blue Frit Lampwork Beads

These lampwork beads turned out absolutely beautiful. The combination of Val Cox Morpho Blue frit with blue goldstone is a lovely combination. In a few of these beads I added some Arrow Springs Turquoise Stone frit which made a beautiful mix of dark blue and turquoise. The turquoise color is really just the right color to add a little contrast without losing this beautiful blue color. 
September 23, 2023 — Stephanie White
pink lampwork beads

Mischief Frit Lampwork Beads

These lampwork beads turned out absolutely beautiful. The combination of light pink with a raspberry pink is just gorgeous together. Adding a little shimmering gold aventurine just made them extra beautiful. These beads were made primarily with Mischief frit from Val Cox. Isn't the color delicious!
September 08, 2023 — Stephanie White
Cream Confetti Frit Lampwork Beads

Cream Confetti Frit Lampwork Beads

In this set of beads, I experimented with the Cream Confetti Frit blend from Val Cox, and I must say, the results were delightful. Initially, I had some reservations about the frit, but all the beads turned out beautifully. This frit blend predominantly features white colors with delicate pastel accents, creating a lovely combination. One of the fascinating aspects of this frit is how it spreads, creating a transparent layer that allows the base color to shine through. To add some variation, I also incorporated a few pieces of Prism frit in some of the beads, resulting in darker spots that add visual interest.
July 18, 2023 — Stephanie White
lampwork frit

How to Use Frit in Lampwork Beads

Frit is a type of glass material used in various applications, including lampworking, glassblowing, ceramics, and more. It is made by crushing or grinding glass into a powder or small granules, which can then be melted to form a solid glass object or used as a decorative material. This crushed glass can be added to the surface or swirled inside the glass and encased. 
May 03, 2023 — Stephanie White
Purple Cloud Lampwork Bead Set

Purple Cloud Lampwork Bead Set

Is this set pretty or what? I just love these colors together. They also photographed beautifully. 

This set is made with Songbird frit over periwinkle, dark purple, and lavender blue etched to a soft matte finish. I tried to recreate this set and it took me several sessions to figure out which color I used for the light purple. Although this set would look pretty with pink matte beads too I think. 

November 21, 2022 — Stephanie White
sedimentary rocks lampwork beads

Sedimentary Rock Lampwork Beads

These beads turned out so beautiful. They are created with Val Cox's Frit Blend Iron Oxide. These were created custom stringers created with clear glass, val cox frit, goldstone, and intense black accents. These remind me of the layers of sediments found in rocks that create waves. This is the reason I called these lampwork beads 'sedimentary rocks'. 
June 27, 2022 — Stephanie White