organic lampwork beads

Ethereal Lampwork Beads with Shards

These beads were crafted using reactive shards over reactive base glass colors, resulting in captivating organic reactions. The fusion of dots, lines, and shards on these beads are brimming with distinct character and allure. Each bead boasts a unique identity, influenced by the specific shards used and the reactions they create. The incorporation of metallic accents in select beads imbued them with additional dimension, further enhancing their visual impact.
April 14, 2024 — Stephanie White
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metal lampwork beads

Metallic Magic: Infusing Metals into Lampwork Beads

Incorporating metals into beads adds a distinct charm, resulting in a one-of-a-kind appearance shaped by your technique. The inclusion of silver offers the possibility of crafting silver, gold, or dual-toned effects through careful encasement. By combining transparent glass colors, metals can take on silver, gold, purple, turquoise, orange, yellow, teal, or even fuchsia shades when applied strategically.
Blue Chalcedony Frit

Blue Chalcedony Frit

These beautiful beads were made with different base glass colors and the same reactive Gaffer blue chalcedony frit. It is pretty amazing how different all the reactions are just by using different base glass colors. This frit really surprised me on how pretty the beads turned out. They created a nice organic look & feel.
September 22, 2022 — Stephanie White
pink lampwork focal bead

Looks Good Enough to Eat - Lampwork Beads

The fuchsia pink, ivory, and dark brown colors in this lampwork bead look really nice together. For some reason, it really reminds me of candy or ice cream. I do not even eat ice cream, which might be a crime. Lactose and I are not friends. 
July 26, 2022 — Stephanie White
Tags: organic pink
Organic Lampwork Focal Beads

Organic Lampwork Focal Beads

This bead turned out beautifully. I just love all the reactions that happened in the ivory in this bead. This was one of those wonderful mornings like Christmas when you get pleasantly surprised when you see the bead for the first time.
July 24, 2022 — Stephanie White