mint majest frit lampwork beads

Mint Majesty Frit Lampwork Beads

These beads feature the Mint Majesty Frit blend from Glass Diversions, evoking thoughts of vibrant citrus hues with its brighter tones. The blend complemented all base colors beautifully, though I found it particularly striking over pink, white, yellow, and beige. The lighter base colors truly enhanced the brilliance of the vibrant tones, creating a captivating contrast.
March 18, 2024 — Stephanie White
sun frit lampwork beads

Sun Fine Frit Lampwork Beads

The yellow-orange beads in this set are made with Sun Frit from Glittering Prize. The color was extremely bright and at first I wasn't sure what I would be able to pair with this color. So, I decided to use Red Lipstick by Val Cox and I think they look perfect together. 

August 06, 2023 — Stephanie White