The yellow-orange beads in this set are made with Sun Frit from Glittering Prize. The color was extremely bright and at first I wasn't sure what I would be able to pair with this color. So, I decided to use Red Lipstick by Val Cox and I think they look perfect together. The Red Lipstick does not appear to be available anymore. 

sun frit lampwork beads

The camera photographed these beads a bit brighter and so I toned down the vibrance a little. However, they are still a vibrant set of beads. Some of these beads have swirls of sun frit within the beads and some have the frit on the exterior of the glass. The ones with the frit on the exterior show a bit more color variation and are slightly brighter than the encased beads. 

sun frit lampwork beads

In some of the beads (not shown) I mixed goldstone and it turned the beads into a brown-yellow that wasn't horrible, but worked better in a fall themed set. I also tried to mix it with Kiwi Lime from Glass Diversions and they also did not mix well. However, using Sun and Red Lipstick frit in a single beads created a really lovely color.

sun frit lampwork beads

This set had my husband commenting that they looked like Kansas City Chief colors. I can see where he might say that although I think they are red and gold. However, it had one family member asking for Astro color lampwork beads.

August 06, 2023 — Stephanie White

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