floral lampwork beads

Behind the Torch: The Origins of Lampwork Beads

Lampwork beads, the radiant glass beads adorning jewelry and art pieces, have a name that, at first glance, might not reveal much about their captivating creation. Delve deeper into the captivating world of these glassy wonders, and you'll discover the intriguing history on how they got her name.
October 14, 2023 — Stephanie White
Intricate Glass Magic: What are Lampwork Beads

Intricate Glass Magic: What are Lampwork Beads

Have you ever marveled at the intricate patterns and vibrant colors adorning handmade jewelry? If so, you may have encountered lampwork beads, miniature works of art in the world of jewelry-making. In this article, we will delve into the enchanting realm of lampwork beads, unveiling their origins, creation process, and their enduring appeal.
September 01, 2023 — Stephanie White
glass sculpture dale chihuly denver

Dale Chihuly: Master of Glass Artistry

Dale Chihuly is a name synonymous with mesmerizing and breathtaking glass art. His innovative and imaginative creations have captivated audiences around the world, elevating the art of glassblowing to new heights. With his distinct style and unparalleled skill, Chihuly has become an icon in the realm of contemporary glasswork.
July 05, 2023 — Stephanie White