These exquisite beads have been handcrafted using Confetti by Glass Diversions, showcasing a vibrant blend of pink, peach, and green pastel hues. Each bead features a harmonious pairing of this frit with a variety of complementary pastel tones, including shades of pink, blue, purple, yellow, and green. Certain beads have been meticulously encased in clear glass, resulting in a delightful cotton candy-colored effect.

confetti frit lampwork beads
The first two beads have the frit encased within the glass in a swirl technique, followed by Primavera, and Vetrafond Periwinkle. 
confette frit lampwork beads
Next, I used Baked Alaska, Lilac, and Violet New. The colors really popped over the light yellow base glass color. 
confette frit lampwork beads
Next, I used Light Turquoise, Bubblegum Pink, and clear again. The reactions over light turquoise are particularly nice. When the frit is encased, sometimes you will get more pinks and other times the blues are highlighted, but there is a clear separation of colors.
confette frit lampwork beads
This is a really nice blend of colors and it created really bright and cheery beads. You cannot go wrong if you decide to purchase this blend. Especially if you are looking for bright colors. If you are not into making, you can shop all our lampwork beads.
April 01, 2024 — Stephanie White

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