Crafted with the delicate charm of Lilac Blossoms Frit by Frit Heaven, these beads exude a captivating allure. A harmonious blend of purples, whites, and greens dances across their surface, evoking the enchanting beauty of blooming lilacs. Paired with opaque purple, bright matte green, and milky white beads, they come together in a symphony of colors reminiscent of a vibrant spring bouquet. Each bead is a testament to the artistry of nature, capturing the essence of a blossoming garden in its graceful form.

lilac blossoms frit lampwork beads

In the creation of these beads, I applied the Lilac Blossoms Frit blend over both white and Violet New base glass colors, resulting in captivating variations. Over the white base, the frit blend brings out shades of lavender and yellow compared to layering over the purple base, the beads showcase a richer interplay of purple and green hues.

lilac blossoms frit lampwork beads


In this captivating collection, the frit was delicately encased, resulting in a mesmerizing fusion of purple and bright green hues. The encasement technique enhanced the depth and brilliance of the colors, creating an enchanting blend that captivates the eye. To elevate the allure even further, shimmering gold aventurine was incorporated into some of the beads, adding an irresistible touch of sparkle. Because, as they say, one can never go wrong with a bit of extra shimmer.

lilac blossoms frit lampwork beads

As someone whose preference leans towards purple rather than green, I found this particular shade of green to be surprisingly complementary to the purple hues. The harmonious interplay between the two colors within the encased beads created a stunning visual contrast that was both unexpected and delightful. Moreover, the inclusion of white within the encased beads served to enhance their luminosity, adding a radiant quality to the overall composition. Truly, with this frit blend, you simply can't go wrong if you have a love for shades of purple. If you are not into making, you can shop all our lampwork beads.

March 30, 2024 — Stephanie White

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