These exquisite beads are crafted using the delightful Berry Cobbler frit blend from Frit Heaven. This frit certainly has an ease of use, this blend effortlessly produces enchanting shades of purple and pink, reminiscent of the luscious colors found in a berry cobbler dessert. These beads are especially lovely.

In this particular set, I applied the frit both over base glass and within, resulting in a diverse array of beads showcasing a beautiful spectrum of purples transitioning into pinks. Each bead exudes its own unique charm, capturing the essence of the Berry Cobbler blend in its varying hues and textures. The phenomenon of the glass spreading creates a milky appearance when encased.

berry cobbler frit lampwork beasd

The first set of pink beads were made with a custom frit twist stringer over a white base, which created a nice shade of pink. The second set have frit mixed with goldstone and encased. The next set uses the same custom frit twisty over purple. The next set was made with frit over white with twists in the bead.

berry cobbler frit lampwork beads

Adding the frit over white produces a nice combination of pinks with purple accents. Using the frit within the glass produces a gorgeous shade of purple, pink, and some even looked slightly peach. The frit was also used over a darker purple which actually highlighted the pink and purple colors nicely.

berry cobbler frit lampwork beads

I do not think you can go wrong in your lampwork beads with this purple & pink blend. All the beads are beautiful and look perfect together even with the color variations. This is a lovely fuss-free frit blend that is easy to work with and I am tempted already to buy more because I have a feeling customers will love this blend.
March 20, 2024 — Stephanie White


Lori Gallo said:

Stephanie, what a treat to see this blend come to life in your work! All the beads are amazing – it’s impossible to choose a favorite. Thank you for featuring Frit Heaven on your site!

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