These exquisite lampwork beads are crafted using the renowned King's Robe frit, meticulously curated by Val Cox. Infused with a mesmerizing blend of purple, pink, and green glass pieces, this frit transforms into a stunning plum shade of purple when encased. While its vibrancy is truly captivating, it's worth noting that the camera may enhance the intensity slightly, as I've adjusted the settings to reflect a truer representation of the color.

King's Robe frit lampwork beads

This frit blend is still available. I have had it for a long time and did not use it that much. The color in person is still slightly less vibrant, but is a really lovely shade of purple with hints of pink and lavender.

king's robe frit lampwork beads

The above color is definitely closer to what it looks like in person. You can see some swirls of colors within the glass. The green glass completely disappears. It does show a nice range of colors within the beads. 

March 16, 2024 — Stephanie White

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