These beads turned out beautifully with soft beige, blue, and peach tones. The Sand Dune frit from Glass Diversions created a surprisingly gorgeous color combination. There are hints of beige or ivory, blue, green, and peachy-pink colors. In some of the beads, I added gold aventurine to create some some sparkle which makes me think of the beach.

sand dune frit lampwork beads

A while back, I made some mosaic style beads with this same frit, but I really like how it looks encased in the glass. Adding the gold aventurine did not take away from the colors of the bead, but just added extra sparkle. 

sand dune frit lampwork beads

These lampwork beads are easy to create and the colors vary from bead-to-bead depending on which colors get picked up. The peachy frit was not obvious in the frit blend, but it was a surprising color to see on the finished bead. Also, the pieces of frit are a standard size 1 which means you can easily use them on top of the glass and keep your beads the same size. 

October 07, 2023 — Stephanie White

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