The Rose Garden Frit from FlameDame Glass makes beautiful pink lampwork beads that create a dreamy shade of pink. In my opinion, this color looks best over the top of opaque glass. This method really seemed to bring out the best pink colors. The colors I chose here are pale pink, pink, and lavender glass colors.

rose garden frit lampwork beads

When this frit was encased, it lost a bit of the pink and almost had a more peachy-pink instead of the bright pink when used on the surface of the glass. It is not a bad look, but it was less pink that the glass actually looks. Encasing this frit showed less swirls of color compared to the beads above.

rose garden frit lampwork beads

This pink looks especially nice over the Violet New glass since it showed off the pinks and almost created dark amethyst purple accents with the reactions. 

rose garden frit lampwork beads

These lampwork beads looked nice over most of the opaque colors I tested in this set. The pieces of frit are a standard size 1 which means you can easily use them on top of the glass and keep your beads the same size. Happy lampworking!

October 01, 2023 — Stephanie White

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