These lampwork beads turned out absolutely beautiful. The combination of Val Cox Morpho Blue frit with blue goldstone is a lovely combination. In a few of these beads I added some Arrow Springs Turquoise Stone frit which made a beautiful mix of dark blue and turquoise. The turquoise color is really just the right color to add a little contrast without losing this beautiful blue color. 

morpho frit lampwork beads

These beads evoke a captivating oceanic ambiance with their stunning combination of rich blue hues and wispy white accents. It's as if you've captured the essence of the deep, mysterious sea, entwined with the delicate froth of white sea foam.

blue ocean waves

It is not super obvious in these pictures, but there is blue goldstone mixed in these beads that creates a subtle sparkle in the beads. The blue frit also has purple pieces and it shows a bit more clearly in the picture below with subtle purple hues. The frit also has tiny white pieces which almost creates a cloudy look within these transparent beads. 

blue frit lampwork beads

In this set, I used the Morpho Blue frit on the surface of in a mosaic style. This was used over Turquoise, Lilac New, Clear, White, Glacier Blue, and Periwinkle. The purple is more visible in these beads compared to when it was encased. The frit itself is less reactive, but the base colors can create a reaction. The reactions are most obvious in periwinkle, turquoise, and violet new. The frit has a variety of sizes which makes the dots spread in different sizes which was nice.

blue morpho frit lampwork beads

These lampwork beads are easy to create and it would be nice to test other colors in here. Maybe a rich purple or teal green would look nice with this shade of blue. Also, the pieces of frit are a standard size 1 which means you can easily use them on top of the glass and keep your beads the same size. Unlike the Mischief frit which was rather chunky and would make shaping the bead a bit of a challenge. One of my upcoming stets will be the mosaic look because I am curious how the purple shows when not encased in these lampwork beads. 

September 23, 2023 — Stephanie White

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