These lampwork beads turned out absolutely beautiful. The combination of light pink with a raspberry pink is just gorgeous together. Adding a little shimmering gold aventurine just made them extra beautiful. These beads were made primarily with Mischief frit from Val Cox. Isn't the color delicious!

pink lampwork beads

The pieces of glass are a little larger which might be harder to get sizing right if you apply it to the top of the glass. I also noticed the darker pink can really take over if you add to much. Mixing these with Blossom frit was a really nice combination which ensured there was a nice variation between lighter and darker pink colors. You can see the gold aventurine in some of these beads. The gold aventurine usually plays nicely with pink colors. 

pink lampwork beads

These beads were named Electric Raspberry because that color just pops beautifully. I will enjoy playing with these colors and see what other styles I can come up with. These might make an interesting stringer if used with white and encased to control the darker pink.

pink lampwork beads

These lampwork beads will be easy to create with colorful variations. It might be nice to use only blossom frit for some of the beads for a winder range of colors. The combinations are truly endless. 

September 08, 2023 — Stephanie White

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