The Turquoise Stone frit from Arrow Springs created such a beautiful shade of turquoise blue. Half of these beads are made with the frit swirled and encased and the other half has swirls on top of the glass. The colors are so vivid and makes me think of the colors in the Caribbean sea. 

turquoise lampwork beads

The colors this reminds me of is a gorgeous bright blue Caribbean Sea . 

caribbean blue sea lampwork

In some of the beads, I added blue goldstone which created a nice dark blue accent to offset the bright turquoise blue. You can see this in the 2nd to last bead on the right. I will definitely make more with the blue goldstone accents. 

turquoise stone frit beads

If the frit is on top of the glass you can see more of the color variations in the glass with turquoise blue, green, and teal green colors. This might look nice as a stringer with a dark blue accent to use in focal beads. 

turquoise blue lampwork beads

September 09, 2023 — Stephanie White

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