All of these beads were crafted using the Summer Berry Cider frit blend by Glittering Prize. This blend features a combination of pink & purple transparent glass with some pink opaque pieces, adding depth and complexity to the final result. The choice of base color significantly influenced the outcome: when applied over white, pink, and purple bases, the beads radiated a brighter and more lively pink palette. Conversely, when paired with greens, blues, and yellows, the frit blend revealed warm peach and brown tones, creating a rich and earthy aesthetic.

pink lampwork beads

It is hard to believe these are both using the same frit colors. This was the first base colors I selected with this frit and the shades of brown really surprised me. I made a few over brighter base colors which is how I figured out they could be brighter. 

multicolor lampwork beads

Base colors:

  • Light Turquoise
  • Douglas Aster
  • Green Avocado
  • Biscotti
  • Primavera
  • Sherwood
  • Sky Blue
  • Lavender
  • White
  • Cherry Shade
  • Double Helix Silver Pink (test batch)

What really changed the colors is the pinks reacted more with base colors with brown or ivory. Although I knew you cannot use pink with ivory, I didn't think much about it while I was make the beads. It did make the colors look very brown, but not an ugly shade. It looks the best with Douglas Aster, Lavender, White, Cherry Shake, and the pink Double Helix color. It looks good over light turquoise and Primavera light green. Sherwood, Biscotti, and Green Avocado changed the colors to brown tones. They do not look bad, but it definitely does not make the pinks and purples come to life.

February 17, 2024 — Stephanie White

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