GGs The Best of the Best is a beautiful frit blend that looks beautiful in transparent glass. It creates beautiful shades of turquoise and fuchsia colors. The two multicolor transparent beads are made with GGs The Best of the Best frit blend. You can see the fuchsia, turquoise, and even some dark purple in multicolor beads in this set. In a few of the beads I added a chunk of turquoise or a little white glass with silver lake, but most of the beads are made with only this mix.

the best of the best frit lampwork beadsThere is no doubt, I will make up a set of beads in just this blend and test adding a dash of turquoise or ivory to the blend. You can never have too much gold aventurine or even blue gold aventurine in beads. It might even look good with green gold aventurine. 
the best of the best frit lampwork beads

Applying this frit to the on top of the glass changes up the colors quite a bit. The pink that shows on the encased beads above does not show up much at all. All of the mosaic-style beads below are using this frit except for one (on the far left). The turquoise and greens showed up differently depending on the base glass color. The bead in the front on the left size is over opal yellow and the colors look more teal green where as the ones over Seregetti (far right) have more of a turquoise look. The light turquoise also shows a darker shade of turquoise (front right).

the best of the best frit lampwork beads

The set below has the same blends with more turquoise beads and the same mosaic style beads. The only bead that is not The Best of the Best frit blend is the bead in the front left that has more browns and blues. That bead is made with Cream Confetti frit.

the best of the best frit lampwork beads

Overall, i would say this is a nice frit blend that creates beautiful beads. The transparent beads that yield more pinks would look nice with fuchsia pinks and turquoise colors. 

July 23, 2023 — Stephanie White

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