The Powerfully Regal Ruby Gemstone

The Powerfully Regal Ruby Gemstone

ruby gemstone jewelryThe ruby gemstone is the epitome of fiery luxury in the jewelry world. On the Mohs scale, rubies rate a hardness of 9, leveling up with diamonds and moissanite. A familiar structural relative to the sapphire, rubies are from the prized corundum category. 

Rubies generally range in pinks and intense reds. Interestingly, the ruby is so close to the makeup of the sapphire, that pink rubies are considered pink sapphires in some regards. The line often gets blurred during the classification. 

In color psychology, intense hues of red remind oneself of their initiative and survival. During ancient times, warriors inserted rubies under their skin to make themselves undefeatable and powerful in battle. The magnetic lore of rubies captivated figures in royalty and politics. 

The crystal system of the ruby is trigonal. Christianity is devout to the Holy Trinity, thus many priests wore red rubies that were cut to show the triangular attributes.

Rubies represent devotion and passion, a fitting gemstone for the astrological signs Leo and Cancer in their July alignments. Overall, this gemstone is powerful and enigmatic. Matched with willful thinking, rubies are a declaration of bravery, energy, and passion.

Rubies are mined in Thailand, Japan, and regions in various parts of Asia and Africa. Due to the rarity of the perfect ruby, many are of lower grade. The highest quality rubies are extraordinarily expensive. The most lavish rubies are found in Burma and scattered mines across the globe.

Oval and princess cut rubies show off the gorgeous tints of hidden colors. Cabochons and heart cuts are more exotic and vivid. 

Our gorgeous ruby inspired beaded earrings truly commemorate the lively gemstone.

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Ruby - July's Gemstone of Hot and Spicy Fun

ruby gemstonesRuby is a semi-precious gemstone frequently incorporated into some of the most modern, beautiful handmade jewelry in the world. It is most often found in shades of opaque or translucent red, and is widely recognized as the July Birthstone as well as the gemstone for the 15th and 40th anniversaries. But beyond its modern-day uses and associations, ruby holds a decadent mythological, spiritual and etymological history that adds nostalgic value to its already strong esthetic worth. Read on for more information that will help you fall in love with your ruby jewelry – or inspire you to buy some today!

Ruby is a variety of the species Corundum, and is one of the most sought-after precious colored gems in the world. The word ruby is said to come from the Latin word "rubber" or "rubens," which means red.

In ancient Sanskrit, ruby is called "ratnaraj," or "king of precious stones." Centuries ago, people believed that if a ruby were placed in a pot of water, it would cause the water to boil. People also believed that if rubies were placed beneath the skin, they would generate a mystical force field that would protect the wearer from mishaps. Red is also the color of blood--the life force of all mankind.

Ruby gemstones look best as parts of formal evening jewelry when paired with diamonds, black onyx or dark blue sapphire. More casual combinations include softer contrasts of brilliant ruby reds with clear quartz, emerald or pearls. To see a selection of handmade artisan jewelry featuring ruby, click here. Ruby is typically considered a sophisticated gemstone that works well with any outfit. In earrings, it works especially well to enhance the luster of green or hazel eyes.

Rubies became a popular colored stone among European royalty and other nobility because of their intense red color. Whenever a ruby was found, the emperor/royalty sent out people to see and welcome the precious stone. The ancient Hindus believed that those who offered fine rubies to the God Krishna could be granted the life of an emperor in their next lives.

The ruby is often associated with the emotions of love, passion, majesty, power and anger. Rubies are also believed to open the heart, attract others, and overcome fear. They were also said to help predict the future if they change color or intensity. Rubies were first mined 2500 years ago. While they originated in Sri Lanka, today rubies are found in Thailand, Mynamar, and Kenya.

Mohs' Hardness score is based on a 10-point scale where 10 is the most resistant, like a diamond, and 1 is easily scratched, such as Talc. Ruby gets a score of 9, meaning that it is very scratch resistant and therefore suitable as a component of jewelry. Ruby gemstones should be regularly cleaned by a professional or with a soft rag and mild soap and water. Other methods, including ultra-sonic cleaners, are also okay as long as they are not oiled. Avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning your handcrafted jewelry as exposure to these elements can damage semi-precious and precious gemstones and pearls. 

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July 01, 2012 by Stephanie White
July Birthstone Jewelry - Ruby Gemstones - Love and Passion

July Birthstone Jewelry - Ruby Gemstones - Love and Passion

ruby birthstone gemstoneHandcrafted jewelry adorned with Ruby gemstones, the month of July’s birthstone, has been accepted through the years as a symbolic fortune of love, passion and the ability to enrich one’s life. Through history the Ruby gemstone is revealed as a powerful spiritual deterrent banishing sorrow and disharmony. As well as offering protection from bad friendships and possible dangerous situations that life may throw at you. As an elegant gemstone known for promoting tranquility, centuries have passed and many people continue to wear July’s birthstone, the Ruby, never knowing its history. The antiquity and power behind this astonishing gemstone only accentuates the beauty this July birthstone has to offer. Handcrafted jewelry embellished with Rubies affirms a luxurious and opulent personality for any person wearing such elegance.

If born in the month of July, you are lucky enough to have a birthstone as beautiful as the Ruby. To wear handcrafted birthstone jewelry ornamented with Rubies will uplift your spirit. The collective history inspires artists to have a constructive imagination allowing this July birthstone to bring out the best in all of us. Jewelry’s enhanced with Ruby birthstones it proposes a vigor for life, revealing the artist’s imagination in every piece of handcrafted jewelry.

While diamonds are known as the hardest gemstone in the world, the Ruby is exceptionally hard as well, coming in second as the hardest natural mineral. July’s Ruby birthstone is found all over the world; 13 countries including the United States. The most expensive Ruby and considered the best color of red is the “pigeon blood red Ruby”. This gemstone is the brightest and most valuable of all Rubies. Most are known to be a dark red, but can also be known as almost pink in color. Though, if a Ruby does not meet a certain color criteria it will be deemed a pink sapphire, an elegant gemstone all its own.

Well, SWCreations offers exactly what you’re looking for! A collection of handcrafted jewelry designed and hand constructed using only the finest materials. Jewelry accented with exquisite Ruby gemstones offering a modern medley of unique handcraftsmanship available in designer necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings and so much more. Handcrafted Jewelry adorned with Ruby gemstones offer beauty, harmony and elegance. Grant yourself a positive, loving and virtuous day, each and every day. What more could one ask for?

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