Jewelry Extenders Extend Beaded Jewelry Perfectly

pearl sterling silver extenderIf you have ever received a beautiful item of beaded jewelry which simply didn’t fit, it is highly frustrating. You would like to dress in that lovely necklace since you also adore and it matches your outfit perfectly.  However, it is only far too snug to be comfortable for you wear. Anyone truly is unable to put it on if it is too small because you could end up taking it off not to mention it may break and you could lose it.  Should you tuck it into a drawer and forget about it or possibly pass it on to another person?

Today, you will find jewelry extenders available that can help any piece of jewelry fit precisely the way you desire it to. Now all the fantastic jewelry that grandma left you that will always find its way back in to style may be just the perfect piece to go with your new outfit.   No matter what style of extender you may desire, you can actually find precisely what you are searching for in a handcrafted jewelry extender.

Perhaps you may be troubled the jewelry extender is likely to make the piece of jewelry you intend to put on too long, but the truth is can usually get all of them in a large variety of sizes, beginning from a single half inch of extension and generally increasing to 3 inches. These kinds of beautiful sterling silver chains include a clasp in order that you simply clasp your  necklace onto one end and then use the other clasp to close the necklace.  You are able to find one with just about any style of clasp that should match almost any type of beaded jewelry you own. You can also add more than one extender if necessary. Many of jewelry extenders include a little touch of charisma with an attractive little dangle. These can be freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, cubic zirconia, glass beads, sterling silver beads or you can choose from many different charms for instance hearts, crosses, and stars.

Being aware of jewelry extenders means that you’ll be able to go shopping at any store or website while not being concerned that the perfect piece of jewelry you find won’t fit you.  You  can also recycle old standbys which no longer fit and completely update your jewelry collection.  Another upside is when you use them with baby jewelry.  Perhaps you may have found the perfect piece of  jewelry for your baby but it just fits her new baby wrist, and your know that she is going to grow out of it quickly.  It is really nice to know, by using a jewelry extender it will be easy to really make it expand right together with her and she can wear it a little longer.

April 18, 2015 by Stephanie White

Attractive Jewelry Extenders Lengthen Beautiful Pieces Article

Jewelry exjewelry extenderstenders in the past have often been plain and without an attractive appeal. However, today’s extenders are perfect for fancy pieces of jewelry of all kinds.  The clasp style of these extenders varies greatly so that it will match any handcrafted jewelry you might own that is just not quite long enough to sit well on an outfit perfectly.  Sometimes when you receive beaded jewelry gifts, you might find that it’s not quite long enough, so adding a little extra length to the quality handcrafted jewelry makes it fit just right. Most extenders will fit any type of beaded and especially necklaces.


Today’s jewelry extenders are impressive and very highly attractive.  They are almost like beautiful beaded jewelry themselves and add a little something special to that too short necklace you own.  Whether for everyday wear or a special event, an extender that itself is a fine piece of quality handcrafted jewelry is best.  You can find them in a variety of beadwork, including freshwater pearls, glass beads, cubic zirconia, and Swarovski Austrian crystals.  These can make a fine addition to your beaded jewelry.  This is a very cost effective way to make your jewelry fit just right. 

There are a surprising number of jewelry extenders you can get as well.  Jewelry extenders are also available in custom designs to match the jewelry you already own.  You can buy extenders for bracelets, which is great because everyone has seen a tiny bracelet that is simply too small for some wrists.  Another good type of extender is anklet extenders.  Anklets are so attractive, so it is frustrating when you have one that’s too small. Gold anklet and necklace extenders are also available at a very reasonable price.  Of course, necklace extenders are the most popular form and are very helpful when you have a fine piece of quality handcrafted jewelry that isn’t quite long enough.

Jewelry extenders are a great option to lengthen just about any form of jewelry on a chain and using an extender of equally fine handcrafted jewelry quality is important.  Since you can get an extender for your necklace, anklet, or bracelet in just about any matching material, why wouldn’t you get that inexpensive extender and enhance your handcrafted jewelry and its appearance when you wear it?  Extenders are made of the same materials, whether it is beads, pearls, gold or even find items such as cubic zirconia or Swarovski crystals!  Extenders make your beaded jewelry and non-beaded jewelry work well for you!

September 12, 2013 by Stephanie White