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Handmade Jewelry: Types and Techniques

Handmade jewelry, as the name suggests, is jewelry made without the use of machines. Just like machine-crafted jewelry, handmade jewelry also comes in all shapes and sizes. Handmade jewelry has gotten very popular over the years, and more people prefer it over machine-crafted jewelry.

Some of the reasons for that might be the amount of care and dedication put in crafting jewelry from hands. Every piece is unique compared to mass-produced jewelry, and each piece has a story behind it which is the artist's representation. Other than that, more people have started to buy handmade products to support local businesses to ensure the growth of their community.

Jewelry Extenders Extend Beaded Jewelry Perfectly

Jewelry Extenders Extend Beaded Jewelry Perfectly

If you have ever received a beautiful item of beaded jewelry that simply didn’t fit, it is highly frustrating. You would like to dress in that lovely necklace since you also adore it and it matches your outfit perfectly.  However, it is only far too snug to be comfortable for you to wear. Anyone truly is unable to put it on if it is too small because you could end up taking it off not to mention it may break and you could lose it.  Should you tuck it into a drawer and forget about it or possibly pass it on to another person?
April 18, 2015 — Stephanie White