Handmade jewelry, as the name suggests, is jewelry made without the use of machines. Just like machine-crafted jewelry, handmade jewelry also comes in all shapes and sizes. Handmade jewelry has gotten very popular over the years, and more people prefer it over machine-crafted jewelry.

Some of the reasons for that might be the amount of care and dedication put in crafting jewelry from hands. Every piece is unique compared to mass-produced jewelry, and each piece has a story behind it which is the artist's representation. Other than that, more people have started to buy handmade products to support local businesses to ensure the growth of their community.

Handmade beaded anklet

Let’s take a look at the different types of handmade jewelry:

Fabricated Jewelry

Fabricated jewelry is one of the complex forms of handmade jewelry. They include a wide range of products, such as gemstone rings to customized gem pendants. This technique involves different blacksmith techniques to join these precious metals together, such as soldering or welding.

Wire-Wrapped Jewelry

Wire wrapping is one of the oldest and unique methods to make handmade jewelry. In this method, jewelry wires are used to wrap around the wire itself or other components of the jewelry piece. A loop is then created to join different jewelry parts together, giving the piece its final look.

These wires aren’t only used for joining these components together but can also be manipulated, twisted, and shaped to form an artistic detail of the jewelry piece itself.

Beaded Jewelry

Beaded jewelry is one of the most popular forms of handmade jewelry. They are relatively easier to make compared to Fabricated jewelry. This form of jewelry is made using different beads and can form all sorts of jewelry such as beaded anklets, beaded necklaces, beaded bracelets, and the list goes on. These are carefully strung with quality jewelry wire and components to create a durable handmade design that lasts.

heart beaded earrings

Beaded jewelry gives you the option to be as creative as possible, making it perfect for customized jewelry.

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