Many kinds of anklets are available at online shops, each offering a unique aesthetic. And here are a few anklets by SW Creations that you should buy this year.

1. Fuchsia Pink Rose Crystal Pearl Anklet

This handcrafted beaded anklet is an absolute statement of feminine beauty. For all the ladies who love pearls, this anklet makes a great addition to their jewelry collection. It goes with many different summer outfits and looks perfect paired with sandals.

2. Shimmering Cats Eye Tan Glass Anklet

This item is a popular accessory for all cat-loving ladies out there. Its funky and trendy design makes it the preferred choice for teenage girls as well.  

3. Amethyst Purple Crystal Beaded Anklet

This anklet is the perfect combination of crystals and beads. This design is perfect for women who like to wear jewelry of warmer colors.


4. Czech Medley Crystal Gold Silver Crystal Anklet

If you want to buy an anklet that could go with all your outfits, then this delicate piece should be your first choice. It combines silver with gold together, which is a unique feature. With its beautiful multi-colored crystals, it can be an ideal daily accessory for summers.

5. Black Rainbow Pearl Bali Beaded Anklet

If you have a never-ending love for black jewelry, this anklet belongs in your accessories collection. This is a contemporary piece of artistic expression that can be worn with almost every type of outfit. It also makes the most thoughtful gift you can give to your anklet-loving friend for any occasion.

6. Blue Purple Crystal Beaded Anklet

If you have been thinking about gifting your daughter her first anklet, this one should be your top choice. Its colorful and beautiful design is loved by our teenage customers across the country.

If you have the urge to buy all of the anklets we have mentioned above, you can place an order now, without worrying about the cost. SW Creations allows you to pay for all your orders beyond $50 with four interest-free installments. So hurry up and visit our handmade beaded anklet collection before they run out.

February 06, 2022 — Jonah Truong

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