Some women wear anklets only on special occasions, while others like to wear them every day. Whichever you may prefer, you should know these helpful tips to use handmade beaded anklets the right way.

1. Choose the Correct Foot

 Depending on whether you are right-handed or left-handed, you should choose the foot that you find easier to reach. Especially when putting on a delicate piece, you will have trouble if you don’t use the right side.

2. Wearing Double Anklets

If you like to combine multiple anklets, always pair a thin one with a heavy piece. Avoid wearing bulky anklets together and save yourself from a fashion Faux Pas.

3. Positioning the Anklet

When wearing an anklet with a mid-length skirt, you can place it in any way you like. But when you wish to pair it with a longer skirt or pants, you should wear it a little low and loose.

4. Anklets and Shoes

Anklets look ideal with open-toe shoes that women usually wear in summers. But you should make sure that the anklet chain isn’t dangling so low that it tangles with the buckle or hook of your footwear.

5. Choose the Right Occasion

Wearing a heavy anklet may not be a good idea in a formal setting. A minimalistic handcrafted anklet design may be the way to go for a semi-casual evening.  

6. Combine the Right Colors

If you like to wear solid colors, you should choose an anklet of a complementing design. When buying an anklet, you should keep your clothing collection in mind. Don’t go for a color that you can’t find in your wardrobe. And if you own a lot of colorful anklets, you can always pair them with monochrome outfits, especially black or white.

7. Wearing Anklets On both Feet

In the Indian and East Asian cultures, anklets are usually worn on both feet. But this style is specific to certain types of anklets.
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February 08, 2022 — Jonah Truong

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