Beaded jewelry is often the preferred choice of children and young adults. However, these necklaces are gradually attracting older women as well and taking a permanent place in the women’s fashion industry. Here are a few sophisticated ways women of all age groups can wear long handmade beaded necklaces.  

1. Long Necklaces with a Pendant

You can create a chic look by wearing a small pendant over a long necklace. It gives you a chance to create some interesting color contrasts with everyday outfits. You can go for a fine long neckpiece when wearing a bold smaller necklace.

2. Long Necklace And A Choker

Chokers come in many materials and look even more beautiful with multiple necklaces. You can create three to four layers with a choker and handcrafted beaded necklaces. It gives you a slimming vertical look, which many women appreciate.


3. Long Necklaces with Deep Necks

A deep-neck shirt goes great with a long necklace. You can wear a jacket over your deep neck top and turn it into a semi-formal look. Pick the color of the top to match the long necklace, and the entire outfit will look better coordinated.

4. Long Necklaces with High Necks

Who said you can only wear long necklaces during summers? Whether you are wearing a sweater or a high neck, you can always accessorize this outfit with a contemporary handmade beaded necklace. If you choose the right color and stone, a long necklace can offer an ultimately sophisticated look even for an office setting.

5. Long Necklaces with Big Earrings

Most of us know that big earrings can’t be paired with a short necklace. If you want to show off your bold earrings without going against fashion trends, you should wear them with a minimalistic long necklace. But make sure the earrings and the necklace are color-coordinated, or it would look out of place.

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February 09, 2022 — Jonah Truong

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