Self-Love and Jewelry

Self-Love and Jewelry

More women than ever have been buying themselves jewelry. Treating yourself to jewelry shows self-love and independence. Here are some reasons you should buy yourself jewelry!

You deserve to be celebrated. Whether you are killing it at your job, working hard in the gym, or hit a milestone in your life that you are so proud of, it is time to start enjoying the benefits of your hard work.

September 10, 2021 by Kevin Hermansen
The Long History of Earrings

The Long History of Earrings

It seems crazy to write this, but here it is: Earrings have been popular for 7,000 years. Yes, 7,000! I can't really think of anything else that has remained a fad for that long. Beaded earrings remain a fashionable accessory today, but I was surprised by the many interesting tidbits in their history.
3 Last-Minute Handmade Jewelry Gift Ideas

3 Last-Minute Handmade Jewelry Gift Ideas

In a world where working or studying can take over your life, you can easily forget to get your friend, family member, or loved one a gift. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy them a gift altogether.

With handmade jewelry, you can gift your loved one a unique and meaningful gift that they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives. Here are three handmade pieces of jewelry that make for the perfect last-minute gift.
3 great reasons to give handmade jewelry as a gift

3 great reasons to give handmade jewelry as a gift

Picture this: you’re invited to a close friend’s or family members birthday party or bridal shower (or any other event where you’re expected to give a gift). Even if this is a virtual meeting with drinks over zoom. This friend already “has it all,” so you’re not sure what to give them. You want the gift to be meaningful and useful, but also to have some sentimental value. In situations like this, there is one way you can’t go wrong. Give them jewelry, crafted by hand, and chosen with care!
Handmade Jewelry Makes a Stellar Gift

Handmade Jewelry Makes a Stellar Gift

Your sister's birthday is next month and you have no idea what to get her. Your anniversary is right around the corner and your wife has given you no clue as to what she wants. You don't want to just buy them something from a big box store. And a gift card or cash is so impersonal. What could you possibly get for them to show them how much they mean to you? Let me introduce to you why handmade jewelry makes such an amazing gift.
May 19, 2019 by SWCreations Jewelry
Show Love with Handcrafted Jewelry

Show Love with Handcrafted Jewelry

Handmade jewelry items is a wonderful way to share your feelings for a loved one without making the item yourself. Talented artisans create a wide variety of unique pieces. With a little time, you are sure to find just the right gift to showcase the special flare that only your intended recipient has.Human beings have been giving the gift of handcrafted jewelry since the urge to adorn our bodies with beautiful things first appeared.
February 01, 2019 by SWCreations Jewelry
An Unexpected Beaded Home Accent

An Unexpected Beaded Home Accent

Bead jewelry can adorn much more than your wrist, ankle or neck; it can be one of the best adornments for your home! A handmade beaded accent is an unexpected addition to any room and the result is something both unique and trendy.

Home Decor To Stand Out

The spring and summer months are on their way and many of us are getting ready for the hot and humid weather. While we might not all enjoy the heat, most of us certainly enjoy a cooling breeze. For those of us with ceiling fans, SWCreations crafts just the thing to make that drab mechanism a bit more personal: beaded fan pulls

Why Handmade Jewelry Is The Perfect Bridesmaid Gift

Why Handmade Jewelry Is The Perfect Bridesmaid Gift

As a bride, your bridesmaids assist you with the many overwhelming elements of planning your wedding. They throw you a bridal shower and bachelorette party, offer moral support at your dress fittings, and do whatever else they can to make your big day go off without a hitch. Show them your sincere appreciation for their help and friendship with a unique, handcrafted anklet or necklace. Easy to personalize, beautiful to behold, they make ideal bridesmaids gifts.
December 15, 2016 by SWCreations Jewelry
25 Handmade Gift Ideas

25 Handmade Gift Ideas

Handmade gifts are always wonderful to give to friends and family.  If you have the time and you're a crafty person, there are tons of ideas available. However, if you don't have the time or patience, there is almost endless numbers of gift ideas available online from artists. If you check out Etsy, you will find a huge selection of artists with wonderful handmade items from hand-poured candles and gourmet edible gifts to stained glass sun-catchers.  

Giving handmade gifts is great because it requires thought and time to consider who is getting the gift.  Know when you purchase from a fellow artist online, that artist put extra time and attention into creating that item. Big box retailers often carry mass produced items that don't carry the special time and attention to detail the gift recipient deserves. Many artists online pour their heart into their projects that makes these types unique gifts extra special.

hand poured candlesstained glass sun catcherhandmade chocolate truffles

Here are 25 handmade holiday gift ideas to get you started:

1) Cookie Mason Jars
2) Homemade chocolate truffles
3) Handmade purses
4) Handmade ornaments
5) Handmade jewelry
6) Homemade quilts
7) Hand-poured candles
8) Handcrafted Sugar Bath Scrub
9) Home decor art
10) Glass art and water sculptures
11) Crystal Sun-catchers
12) Handmade Card Organizers
13) Handmade ceramic gifts
14) Stained glass art
15) Hand-sculpted yard art
16) Handmade gourmet soup
17) Hand-sewn aromatherapy heat pack
18) Hand-pained wine glasses
19) Handmade cookies & treats
20) Personalized wood cutting board
21) DIY infused olive oil jars
22) Personalized gift baskets
23) DIY holiday extracts 
24) Hand-crafted coasters
25) Handmade potpourri

Need additional inspiration, check out all the goodies listed on Pinterest Handmade Gifts board or the plethora of artists on Etsy

pinterest handmade gifts

November 22, 2015 by SWCreations Jewelry
10 Handmade Gifts Ideas for Any Occasion

10 Handmade Gifts Ideas for Any Occasion

You know the drill. Your friend’s birthday is next week, Mothers’ Day is coming up or Christmas is suddenly once again around the corner. Gift buying panic soon sets in as you ponder the perfect present. But instead of buying another obligatory gift certificate or hurriedly stuffing cash in a card, take a few minutes to consider a handmade gift.

When you gift something handmade, you are saying that you care. It gives a loud and clear message that the recipient is important to you and that you put thought and love into the giving of the gift, instead of simply rushing through the motions.

September 14, 2013 by Leslie Patrick
Beaded Bracelets Are the Perfect Gift Article

Beaded Bracelets Are the Perfect Gift Article

Beaded bracelets are no longer the simple threaded bracelets they once were. These fine pieces of handcrafted jewelry are in high demand as their hand crafted beauty shines through. Everything you can imagine is available, including button jewelry bracelets, crystal bracelets of every color, charm and bead bracelets, gemstone bracelets, clustered beaded pieces, earthy bracelets, and double strand bracelets. These fine quality hand crafted jewelry items are stunning and one of a kind. You don’t want to buy something that’s manufactured when you can get a unique piece.

July 14, 2012 by Stephanie White