Handmade gifts are always wonderful to give to friends and family.  If you have the time and you're a crafty person, there are tons of ideas available. However, if you don't have the time or patience, there are almost endless numbers of gift ideas available online from artists. If you check out Etsy, you will find a huge selection of artists with wonderful handmade items from hand-poured candles and gourmet edible gifts to stained glass sun-catchers.  

Giving handmade gifts is great because it requires thought and time to consider who is getting the gift.  Know when you purchase from a fellow artist online, that artist put extra time and attention into creating that item. Big box retailers often carry mass-produced items that don't carry the special time and attention to detail the gift recipient deserves. Many artists online pour their hearts into their projects making these types of unique gifts extra special.

handmade candles

Here are 25 handmade holiday gift ideas to get you started:

1) Cookie Mason Jars
2) Homemade chocolate truffles
3) Handmade purses
4) Handmade ornaments
5) Handmade jewelry
6) Homemade quilts
7) Hand-poured candles
8) Handcrafted Sugar Bath Scrub
9) Home decor art
10) Glass art and water sculptures
11) Crystal Sun-catchers
12) Handmade Card Organizers
13) Handmade ceramic gifts
14) Stained glass art
15) Hand-sculpted yard art
16) Handmade gourmet soup
17) Hand-sewn aromatherapy heat pack
18) Hand-pained wine glasses
19) Handmade cookies & treats
20) Personalized wood cutting board
21) DIY infused olive oil jars
22) Personalized gift baskets
23) DIY holiday extracts 
24) Hand-crafted coasters
25) Handmade potpourri

sun catchers

Need additional inspiration, check out all the goodies listed on Pinterest Handmade Gifts board, or the plethora of artists on Etsy

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