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Creative Ways to Store Your Unique Beaded Earrings

handmade lampwork bead earringsEarrings are such a fun accessory.  It is delightful to find a unique pair, especially if they are handmade.  I personally love getting compliments on my earrings and it is even more fun if there is a story to share in response to the compliment.  One difficulty I face as I’ve collected my jewelry and especially my earrings, is storing them.  I want them to be easily visible and accessible, and most especially, I don’t want to lose one!  Here are a few ways I’ve found that help me keep track of my collection of unique beaded earrings:

Buttons – Old buttons are almost as fun as earrings … well, almost.  Buttons are a great way to keep pairs of earrings together.  It works well for nearly any type of earring, but I prefer it for my studded earrings.  If you have your own collection of old buttons, then it is a free earring organizer!  If you need buttons, you can often find them at thrift stores, and of course at craft stores.  Pick buttons that have 2-4 holes.

Pill Boxes – This is a great option when you are travelling.  Pill boxes come in different sizes, so you can fit your tiny studs as well as more extravagant beaded or chandelier earrings.

handmade pill box

Frame a Needlepoint Canvas – This is a delightful way to store earrings.  You can find needlepoint canvas at a craft store.  Once you’ve framed it, you have a decorative, as well as practical way to store your favorite earrings.  If you also enjoy needlepoint, then you can add decorative patterns around the edges for even more splash and uniqueness. This works best for your beaded and dangling earrings.

shabby chic earring holder by tammynoony

Decorate an Old Cheese Grater – If you enjoy turning everyday items into decorations, then this is the project for you.  You can paint and even add embellishments to an old cheese grater.  Then it can sit on your dresser as a one-of-a-kind decoration, holding your one-of-a-kind earrings.

cheese grater earring holder

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