Magic is something everyone ponders at some point in their life. We could be living the happiest, most successful lives and yet we'll still long for some abnormal escape from reality. Perhaps getting lost in Harry Potter novels and dreaming about being psychic or having extraordinary healing powers are just not the right way of going about it? It will amaze you, as it amazed me, the things this simple gemstone is capable of when worn in jewelry and beaded jewelry. 

apatite gemstone meanings

Apatite may seem like a common, unoriginal stone seeing how the name itself means "misleading," since it is often mistaken as other minerals and its variety of colors can have it confused with other stones. But apatite is more dominant in blue-green with yellow being the runner-up and both these types hold high mystical powers.

Blue apatite will work with your throat chakra and yellow apatite works your solar plexus or power chakra. Assisting the throat chakra will help with public speaking and group communication as opposed to the use of apatite on the power chakra, which eliminates toxins, poor digestion, and depression.

Psychologically, it's said the stone stimulates thoughts and ideas and when used in meditation, its power exceeds as far as increasing intellect, imagination, creativity, as well as psychic awareness and abilities. 

If you practice meditation whether to relieve stress or to enhance your spirituality, you might be interested in how with deep meditation, this gemstone assists in clearing the aura, lucid dreaming, and even astral travel. Apatite can also ease negativity as it brings inner peace.

Apatite goes farther than just improving the mind though. In lore, it physically helps with allergies, nail problems, and weight loss. It also assists with fatigue, eyesight, and bones, just to name a few. But what you seek to accomplish will depend on which stone you use. 

Anyone who already owns gemstones and uses them in meditation or wears them to balance their chakras can reap the magic of apatite as well, seeing how it enhances the energies of other crystals and stones.

With that knowledge, let me end this in a question. Are you a believer?

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