Wallis Simpson's famous panther bracelet is a gem among beaded jewelry! It was commissioned from the famous Parisian jeweler Cartier by the Duchess in 1952; she also helped co-design it. She wanted a life-like great cat that would stalk its way around her wrist. Cartier's head jeweler Jeanne Toussaint created an exquisite cat of pave diamonds and black onyx set in fully articulated platinum with blazing emerald eyes.


When it's not being worn, the great cat seems to rest completely at ease with one front leg outstretched. Once worn, however, the cat seems to spring to snarling life, baring its tiny platinum teeth and threatening anyone who approaches its wearer. No wonder it was one of her favorites! 

What other woman has ever had a King abdicate his throne to be with her? In celebration of their great love story, the newly minted Duke and Duchess of Windsor delighted in giving each other gifts of fabulous jewelry to celebrate each event of their nearly forty years together. This resulted in perhaps the greatest collection of contemporary jewelry amassed in the last century. When The Duchess of Windsor Collection was sold in 1987, the 214 pieces brought in a record $53.5 million. The panther bracelet was one of the stars and was purchased by Mohammed Al Fayed for over $1.4 million. He also purchased 19 other pieces of the collection.

Twenty-three years later, he put the twenty pieces up for auction again. The panther bracelet sold for just over a staggering $7 million! The collection brought in a total of $12.5 million, which Mr. Al Fayed earmarked for a children's charity in honor of his son, Dodi, killed in the car crash that also took the life of Princess Diana. It's fitting that jewels that once belonged to a woman scorned by the Royal Family went to benefit the type of charity beloved by another woman rejected by a member of the same family.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor collaborated on the design of each piece they commissioned and each piece immortalizes a chapter of their love affair. If you would like to commission a special piece for someone you love, contact us.

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