swarovski crystal beaded ankletYou spent all that time -- and money -- on picking out some terrific shoes. Wearing them makes you feel stylish and sexy. So how about adding to the glamor with a beaded anklet?

From earliest times, beaded anklets drew attention to a woman's ankles, adding some sparkle and shine. That's why we still love them, especially at the beach or just relaxing at home in our bare feet. Admit it: even when you're alone, catching sight of your decorated ankles secretly makes you feel gorgeous! Anklets look great with all kinds of shoes. Depending on what you're wearing, you can go as simple or as glitzy as you like.

Are you dressing up for a fancy evening? Black high heels look even more dramatic paired with a bright red beaded anklet, and draws attention to your shoes. Or choose an anklet in gold or silver tones with stunning glass or lampwork glass beads. Evening sandals make the foot look graceful and delicate, and a well-chosen anklet emphasizes that look. And if you're wearing a long dress, the jewelry peeking out from under the hem as you dance is hypnotic.

If you're a bride, how about anklets to match or contrast with the bridesmaids' shoes?

Going casual doesn't mean going plain. Dress up your cute ballerina flats with an anklet in rainbow colors. For more fun, pick one with dangly charms that move with your every step.

Beaded anklets can make even low-rise sneakers look high-fashion.

And who says you only have to wear one? The fashion now is for multiple bracelets, so don't be afraid to mix up your anklets in contrasting colors and styles, especially for casual wear.

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