An Unexpected Beaded Home Accent

An Unexpected Beaded Home Accent

Bead jewelry can adorn much more than your wrist, ankle or neck; it can be one of the best adornments for your home! A handmade beaded accent is an unexpected addition to any room and the result is something both unique and trendy.

Home Decor To Stand Out

The spring and summer months are on their way and many of us are getting ready for the hot and humid weather. While we might not all enjoy the heat, most of us certainly enjoy a cooling breeze. For those of us with ceiling fans, SWCreations crafts just the thing to make that drab mechanism a bit more personal: beaded fan pulls

A Guide to Holiday Gift Giving

The gift-giving season is fast approaching and it’s always nice to surprise a friend or family member with something you know they’ll cherish forever. This isn’t always easy, and sometimes you can run the risk of gifts becoming repetitious. But there is one gift that will always be unique.

holiday gift givingSWCreations, a maker of original handcrafted beaded jewelry, offers a vast selection of beaded anklets, beaded earrings, and designer necklaces – all available with the option to include birthstones specific to those you love.

Turquoise is the birthstone of December and has been admired for its color and beauty for as long as stone jewelry has existed. Aside from being worn by rulers of ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Persia, China, and Israel, turquoise is often traced back to Native American tribes from the Southwestern U.S. Each civilization attributed different qualities to turquoise, but they all agreed it is a cheerful stone that clears the mind and improves health.

Turquoise comes in several shades ranging from a true turquoise found in Iran and the U.S. to a greenish blue found more often in Egypt. The amount of copper and iron in the stone accounts for the different shades, and the more copper it contains the bluer it will appear. Green turquoise contains more iron.

For beaded jewelry, the color is a fashion decision, but all turquoise needs special care. Turquoise beaded earrings orbeaded anklets can fracture easily, simply because the stone’s Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness is below six. Turquoise also tends to absorb perfumes and skin oils, leaving it susceptible to fracturing from products such as cosmetics. This is one reason the stone is left smooth and not faceted.

red holiday beaded earringsBeaded jewelry at SWCreations can be created with any birthstone for a completely personal gift. Beaded necklaces, with beaded earrings to match, are very popular, and an additional jewelry extender will ensure the ornaments fit perfectly. A jewelry extender can be created for beaded anklets, bracelets, and a variety of necklaces, including those made of sterling silver or gold vermeil and plated by silver or gold.

Designer Stephanie A. White crafts individual pieces of jewelry that are one-of-a-kind. She uses gemstones collected from locations around the world to create her custom jewelry, so there is a wide variety of colors and styles from which to choose. These are high-quality pieces designed to last for generations and become heirlooms over the years. As gifts, the jewelry guarantees uniqueness. Pieces can be given year after year because of the vast selection of gems, metals, and designs available.

And don’t just think the winter season when picking out the perfect handmade jewelry gift for someone. The designer will create bracelets and anklets using gems, beads, and crystals that harmonize with and represent each of the four seasons.

Czech glass beads, Swarovski Austrian crystals, amethyst, tanzanite, aquamarine are a few that represent summer. Blue and green turquoise, purple Czech glass beads, sapphire, peridot, and amethyst represent winter. One piece for each season would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves to wear jewelry year-round and may appreciate something different from the usual selection.

The customer chooses the color, type of bead, and item desired. If the customer has design ideas, they can be suggested. Each item is delicately hand-crafted by Stephanie White, so you know the item wasn’t mass-produced. Other than Christmas, handmade beaded jewelry makes wonderful gift ideas for birthdays, bridesmaids, and wedding favors. The birthstone of each bridesmaid can be made into a personalized necklace or bracelet. Key chains can be made for men and women.

December is the month to think about turquoise as a birthstone, and it’s rapidly becoming very trendy as a design element in any jewelry piece. A uniquely crafted turquoise necklace with matching earrings is a gift that will be appreciated and loved for years to come.

October 13, 2013 by Stephanie White

Tips for Buying Handmade Jewelry

In an outcry against the monotony of mass production, the trend toward buying local, small batch and handmade is heating up. Handmade jewelry is no exception. Not only is a handmade necklace or bracelet a one of a kind piece that highlights your individual style, but the quality of the item is bound to be superb to those produced by the thousands in obscure and possibly questionable factories abroad.

tips for buying beaded jewelryBut buyer beware, all handmade jewelry is not created equal. Below, you’ll find the SWCreations guide to buying beautiful handmade jewelry that is also of highest quality.

1. We’ve all experienced that terrible moment when a piece of jewelry breaks, leaving you down on your knees searching for beads scattered across the floor. This unfortunate scenario may be avoided if the jewelry you choose is made with strong wire. As you can see, the wire used to string beads on your jewelry is very important. SWCreations uses only 49 strand beading wire because it is the best and has exceptional durability and strength. There are seven types of strands and the others are simply not as strong–avoid them if you can. 

2. Stretch jewelry is easy-to-wear, is easy to give as a gift and is a fun addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Trouble is, it can break easily or become too loose if the stretch cord is thin or of poor quality. At SWCreations, we do not string beads on anything less than a 1.0 mm cord, because it is the strongest and we have found it lasts the longest.  We have tried and tested all the variations from stretch cord to stretch fiber and found they just do not stand up to our quality expectations. Unfortunately, this means we are not using our stretch cord for our smaller beads, such as; small Swarvoski crystals, freshwater pearls, and other beads with small holes.  We have tried and tested all the variations from stretch cord to stretch fiber and found they just do not stand up to our quality expectations.

3. You may have never heard of a jump ring, but you probably have a few in your jewelry collection already. This small piece of metal is the circle that a clasp holds on to–on a necklace or bracelet for example–and if it stretches to wide, the clasp will fall out. Many years ago, jewelry suppliers create a split ring (like a miniature keychain), but every time that ring was caught on a thread it would pull apart. Unfortunately, in an inexpensive piece of jewelry, the jump ring is often the first to break. Fortunately, there are a few jump ring brands that can stand up to the test of time, and SWCreations uses only those. Our jump rings may not be the cheapest, but they are the strongest, ensuring that your jewelry will last for years to come.

4. The quality of the beads can often give away whether a handmade piece of jewelry is of high or low caliber. Some inexpensive beads are made with an outside coating that will wear off quickly as you wear the item–causing it to chip off if it rubs against other jewelry you have layered or onto your clothing. Some cheap beads even have a coating that is water soluble, meaning if you’re caught in one downpour, your piece is ruined. New beads enter the market every day and we usually create a piece to test out, some are obvious duds, but if you buy a piece from us and the bead looks nothing like when you purchased it, please let us know right away.  Avoid this situation entirely by choosing beads that are made from authentic gemstones, crystals and glass such as those we utilize at SWCreations.