The ruby gemstone is the epitome of fiery luxury in the jewelry world. On the Mohs scale, rubies rate a hardness of 9, leveling up with diamonds and moissanite. A familiar structural relative to the sapphire, rubies are from the prized corundum category. 

Rubies generally range in pinks and intense reds. Interestingly, the ruby is so close to the makeup of the sapphire, that pink rubies are considered pink sapphires in some regards. The line often gets blurred during the classification. 

ruby gemstone jewelry

In color psychology, intense hues of red remind oneself of their initiative and survival. During ancient times, warriors inserted rubies under their skin to make themselves undefeatable and powerful in battle. The magnetic lore of rubies captivated figures in royalty and politics. 

The crystal system of the ruby is trigonal. Christianity is devout to the Holy Trinity, thus many priests wore red rubies that were cut to show the triangular attributes.

Rubies represent devotion and passion, a fitting gemstone for the astrological signs Leo and Cancer in their July alignments. Overall, this gemstone is powerful and enigmatic. Matched with willful thinking, rubies are a declaration of bravery, energy, and passion.

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Rubies are mined in Thailand, Japan, and regions in various parts of Asia and Africa. Due to the rarity of the perfect ruby, many are of lower grade. The highest quality rubies are extraordinarily expensive. The most lavish rubies are found in Burma and scattered mines across the globe.

Oval and princess cut rubies show off the gorgeous tints of hidden colors. Cabochons and heart cuts are more exotic and vivid. 

Our gorgeous ruby-inspired beaded earrings truly commemorate the lively gemstone.

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