Summer is time for fun.  So for summer jewelry trends, forget your favorite pearls or your grandmother's cameo brooch.  It's time to sparkle.  It's time to shine.  It's time to be a little frivolous, even whimsical.  

Summer is big, bright, and colorful.  Flowers are blooming; butterflies are flying.  Your jewelry should be bigger, brighter, and more colorful than you might normally wear.  Wear a floral brooch with the petals made of colorful Swavorski crystals; wear a butterfly necklace. Do you remember your grandmother's rule that when putting on jewelry, you should put on what you consider the right amount, and then take off one piece?  Throw that rule out the window!  Be bold.  Sparkle.

beaded anklets

Summer is a time for "baubles, bangles, and bright shiny beads."  You might want five or six bangles, complementing each other but not identical, to jangle on your arm.  Bangles come in a wide variety of materials and designs:  gold, silver, copper, wood, jade, chalcedony.  In some parts of India, the bride wears glass bangles at the wedding and the honeymoon lasts until the bracelets break.

summer jewelry trends

In summer, you trade in your high heels for sandals.  Add an anklet for a colorful accent. An anklet looks the best solo, but that doesn't mean you should limit yourself to one anklet.  You'd be amazed how many different styles and designs of anklets are available, from handmade anklets to bright beaded anklets to silver filigree. Have a selection and color-coordinate with your outfits:  carnelian or jasper with a red skirt, lapis lazuli with blue shorts, amethyst with a lavender outfit. 

For your hairpieces, be frivolous.  Barrettes with colored stones, like jeweled flowers or butterflies, are appropriate.  Set modest, discreet ornaments aside until the leaves change color and fall.  It's summer. Be whimsical.

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