Beaded Earrings for 6 E-Personalities Article

Beaded Earrings for 6 E-Personalities Article

handmade lampwork errrings
Beaded earrings are a wonderful gift for the elegant, eclectic, energetic, eccentric, earthy, or eloquent person in your life. There are many personality styles out there, and just as many earrings made out of beautiful beads! Elegant earrings are the first. Beautiful, gentle colors made in many dangling styles to suit even the most equally elegant outfit are available for purchase. These earrings are always designed in a large array of shapes and styles to match nearly any style outfit or level of elegance.
Beaded jewelry in the form of earrings is especially great for the eclectic earring collector. Some of the designs you can find among beaded earrings are incredibly unusual, and are perfect for that one person you know who tends to walk away from the beaten path! You know this friend. She is always wearing bright colors and making bold statements in her accessories. She probably adores artwork as well. The colors available in this type of handcrafted jewelry varies so much that you are sure to find the perfect item! An energetic person is always likely to wear quality handcrafted jewelry that is made out of dangly beads, because energetic people are always expressing themselves flamboyantly!

Beaded gifts are always in season, and even more so for the eccentric person you know. This quality handcrafted jewelry is also appreciated by the earthy friend or family member that you know. These people truly appreciate things that are handmade. The eloquent person in your life is sure to appreciate the fine quality of this type of handcrafted jewelry and express that back to you when they thank you for this gift. If you are getting beaded earrings for yourself, you are sure to find the colors, styles, shapes, and unique features attractive and never boring.

Handmade earrings are a great gift for yourself or someone you know who is of nearly any personality. This quality handcrafted jewelry is carefully created by loving hands of the jewel and artist, creating a unique set of earrings each and every time. Whether dangly, earthy, sophisticated, fancy, wacky, or fun, you will be sure to love this style of handcrafted jewelry. It never goes out of style, so you will have a set of earrings to weather all of the changes in fashion! Get a few color sets that match a multitude of colors, and you’ll have earrings to last a lifetime!
June 08, 2013 by Stephanie White

Fashion Turning To Handmade Jewelry?

With the economy in a slump, many people don’t have the cash that they used to in order to buy the jewelry that they need and want. Even though you may not have the same jewelry budget that you used to have, it doesn’t mean that you can’t accessorize and have jewelry that is fashionable and that accentuates your outfits.

lampwork beaded jewelryHandmade jewelry has made a comeback and has become very popular these days. In fact, open up any fashion magazine as of late and you will see some form of handmade jewelry being worn by today’s top models and fashion icons. Most of this type of jewelry utilizes beads as the main element of the piece. This makes this type of jewelry very fun to wear as beads can be purchased in all shapes and sizes to create some very interesting jewelry pieces. Instead of paying thousands of dollars on expensive jewelry pieces, the average person can buy everything they need to make a fantastic jewelry piece from their local craft store for under 20 dollars. This price break alone has made jewelry handmade products extremely popular.

Not only is the price affordable nice with this type of jewelry, but the customization possibilities are also a huge draw. Have you ever wanted a certain jewelry piece that matched your outfit, but was unable to find something? This is very common, but this doesn’t have to be the case any longer. With handmade jewelry, you can create exactly what you want to match that unique outfit, or other accessories that may be difficult to match with. Many people who get into creating jewelry handmade often will create pieces completely specific to one outfit, and with the prices of this type of beaded jewelry being affordable, you could literally create a piece of jewelry for every outfit you own.

While it is cheap to make jewelry yourself, many people are finding that hand made jewelry sells for quite a bit in the local and online jewelry markets. While anyone can get beads for cheap, the creativity and combination that people create are what drives the masses to buy this type of jewelry. Many stay at home moms have been able to establish a pretty decent income driving business on the side creating handmade jewelry.

As you can see, handmade jewelry is extremely fashionable and is family budget approved. Have some fun and create that perfect piece of jewelry that you have always wanted. If you aren’t the creating type, look in local stores and online for the perfect piece that someone else has created. Regardless, handmade jewelry is here to stay and is definitely fashionable.

June 04, 2013 by Stephanie White

Button Jewelry - The Perfect Unique Gift

button beaded jewelryButton jewelry is a surprisingly attractive type of handcrafted jewelry that you can get today that is custom designed and look like designer pieces of art. These items make incredibly thoughtful quality handcrafted jewelry, and those you give them to will be impressed with their quality. You can get button items crafted in the form of bracelets and pendant necklaces. These items, when combined together in the hands of a fine jewel and artist, make incredible gifts for those you love, and certainly are conversation pieces for those who own and wear them.

Giving button jewelry as a gift is unique in itself, and the recipient will be amazed at how unique this item is. Handcrafted jewelry such as this is not common and will be appreciated. The first item that you can give is a button art necklace, which is presented in the format of an articulate looking pendant on a chain. They can have many colors and patterns, and come in a limitless variety of styles. Shimmering sterling silver is often used as is glimmering gold. Some show more of an artist’s hand while others are more sophisticated and simple. These pieces of quality handcrafted jewelry are sure to be treasured for years to come.

As unique as button jewelry is in the form of a pendant necklace, crafted in fine quality, a bracelet made out of buttons and other accessories of artistic merit is also a great gift. When giving a bracelet, you will be able to see that there are many more artistic expressions in this piece of handcrafted jewelry. As a gift, a bracelet is something that someone can wear to accentuate an outfit, so if you know the recipient wears a lot of a certain color, consider getting a bracelet that will go along well with that. The many parts in a quality handcrafted jewelry piece usually flow well in a color theme.

Giving button jewelry as a gift is something that the recipient is sure to cherish for many years to come. Because the gift is so unusual, they will remember you very well every time someone asks them where they got it as well. This makes the bracelet a special gift indeed. Handcrafted jewelry always assures that the item is unique and made of fine quality. Giving a piece of quality handcrafted jewelry is a loving gesture which will be remembered for a long time.

October 08, 2012 by Stephanie White
Beaded Jewelry Trends - Summer Gemstone Pick

Beaded Jewelry Trends - Summer Gemstone Pick

While we think of summer, imagery of colorful clothes, the warmth of the sun, after that laughter come to mind. We think of possibilities for all the great times we will get to share together with family and friends as weather shifts from chilly and dreary to warm and cheery. Beaded jewelry enthusiasts think in terms of finding fashionable pieces which are as delightful and versatile to dress in as the other accessories in their wardrobe. Many choose citrine because it fulfills all the requirements that help it become a sensible choice for summer wear.
July 14, 2012 by Stephanie White
Beaded Bracelets Are the Perfect Gift Article

Beaded Bracelets Are the Perfect Gift Article

Beaded bracelets are no longer the simple threaded bracelets they once were. These fine pieces of handcrafted jewelry are in high demand as their hand crafted beauty shines through. Everything you can imagine is available, including button jewelry bracelets, crystal bracelets of every color, charm and bead bracelets, gemstone bracelets, clustered beaded pieces, earthy bracelets, and double strand bracelets. These fine quality hand crafted jewelry items are stunning and one of a kind. You don’t want to buy something that’s manufactured when you can get a unique piece.

July 14, 2012 by Stephanie White

The Fashion of Wearing Beaded Jewelry

blue dichroic lampwork pendant
seems to come in waves, like circles that recycle things over and over, rolling old things back into the new, years after the original idea was formed. As the years go by, you may have started to recognize that things that were cool when you were a kid are somehow cool again—however bad or good the idea might be.  For instance, the latest fashions, though devoid of this kind of accessory for a few years, are again turning to beaded jewelry for hailed accessorizing.  But this kind of jewelry has been around a lot longer than you probably think.
Jewelry and ornamentation have been a part of cultures all over the world probably since it began.  As people began to experiment with the resources around them—stones, trees, plants, clay, etc, they began to see great opportunities to create beautiful things.  In tribes of old, the spiritual and political leaders of the community were sometimes designated by the kind of jewelry and accessories they wore.  It was a sign of something special—of social advantage, or of power.  

These people crafted beaded necklaces, head adornments, and other things to drape on their bodies out of many things.  Sometimes they would string them on plants or animal skins, and, of course, all were made by hand.  Beaded jewelry was the norm, because most everything had to be crafted, and then strung on some kind of strand or chain.  Almost anything could become a bead:  a bone, a small rock, some precious stone or metal, or even hair or parts of an animal for good luck.  

Soon enough, women began to adopt the fashion of wearing beaded jewelry.  In more recent years, it has become a large fashion industry and ranges from all kinds of weights, lengths, materials and colors.  Even handmade jewelry is becoming more popular, with kits available to the average person.  Many people have begun to make their watches into a piece of beaded jewelry, and these are becoming more and more widespread.

These practices stem from old traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation, through centuries.  Every culture has its own twist on how it is done, or what it is made from, but most cultures use some kind of beaded jewelry to designate something of meaning, or even just to promote the idea of beauty.  We are not so far removed.  And now, with so many options available, you can find the kind of jewelry that will really mean something to you.
July 14, 2012 by Stephanie White
The Timeless Handmade Jewelry Article

The Timeless Handmade Jewelry Article

Jewelry has always been essential to people who loves to accessorize. One special piece can make such a difference in the presentation of same outfit. There are so many different variations and handmade jewelry stands out because of its uniqueness. Beaded, carved, filigreed, engraved, sequined, knitted, and painted, various techniques for handicraft arts have been continually developed in all cultures throughout time, which certainly expand the variety of handmade jewelry.
February 13, 2012 by Stephanie White

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