Yesterday, I made up several beads I thought might look nice together for the holidays. My goal was to find a pretty red color to use to make up some Christmas beads sets. This is my reason for logging this information because you think you will remember and then when you sit down to make the beads you cannot remember what you used last time.

The beads on the left were made with Red Current frit mixed with Cashmere and Enamel White frit. The Cashmere frit did not seem to look quite as nice as the white enamel. The three beads on the right were made with Firecracker frit. 

red lampwork beads
Earlier this year, I made some pretty white beads and I could not remember what I used to create them. So I used Belgian Linen, September Morning, and White Onyx frit in these beads. The White Onyx makes the nicest white looking beads. September morning looks a little gray which would work well in some sets with black or darker blue maybe. Belgian Linen had a more golden and white look to the beads. 

white lampwork beads

These Bordeaux pink lampwork beads were more pink that I was hoping for, but they have a nice dark red streaks. This bead would probably look nice in some Valentines beads.

pink lampwork beads

September 09, 2021 — Stephanie White

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