This Songbird Frit by Val Cox is prettier on the beads than I expected. It looks great on most of the base glass colors tested. I ended up creating an entire set with this frit that that look nice together with the pastel colors. This frit really played nicely with all of the bases colors I selected. I especially love it on Periwinkle glass. Avocado had a strong reaction that created an interesting look. Unfortunately, I think this frit is discontinued now.

Left to right: Light Turquoise, Avocado, Periwinkle, Willow, and Clear

songbird frit llampwork beads
The bead on the far right was created with clear and swirling the glass. It created nice pastel ribbon swirls. The second bead was created with clear and goldstone with the frit on the surface with swirl accents. I think I prefer using darker colors when I make this style of bead. I am not 100% sure if the third bead over was made with songbird, I will test it again on a lighter base to make sure.
songbird frit lampwork beads

Turquoise had more of a reaction than some of the other base glass colors. It seemed to make the colors pool together more into pockets. 

songbird frit beads

songbird frit lampwork beads
October 16, 2021 — Stephanie White

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