This bead turned out beautifully. I just love all the reactions that happened in the ivory in this bead. This was one of those wonderful mornings like Christmas when you get pleasantly surprised when you see the bead for the first time.

purple organic lampwork focal bead

purple organic lampwork focal bead

This bead is created with an opaque purple core with goldstone accents. The goldstone that is really shiny was made with an old goldstone stringer I pulled many years ago. It had more clear than my current goldstone stringers. I am positive it was not made with a chunk of goldstone which tends to pull more evenly. However, using extra clear created a nice effect.

This bead has accents of dark turquoise which creates a beautiful reaction in the ivory with dark almost black outlines. I believe the green is CIM Cerulean Green. It also created nice gray outlines and was a nice color with the purple and turquoise. 

In the center, I used a thin stringer of Double Helix Triton that created a beautiful metallic band around the middle of the bead. It was a perfect compliment to the metallic twist in the center. I also used a thin twisted stringer with Dynasty Marble frit from Glass Diversions with a silver core and intense black and white accents. 

I added an extra ivory stringer around the center on top of the silvered ivory which created a nice brighter contract since the bead was looking a bit darker than I wanted. I will have to remember to pull many different size stringers of ivory and dark ivory for added accents. 

July 24, 2022 — Stephanie White

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