Many jewelry lovers opt for pieces made with gemstones, such as amethyst and citrine. Gemstones are a great option for those who appreciate the boho, natural look. But gemstones are not just a beautiful part of the earth, they are also believed to be charged with certain energies.

Each gemstone is said to carry metaphysical or healing properties and benefits. Amethyst is said to provide users with calm, healing energy, while also being a good gemstone for sleep and sobriety. However, many people who seek gemstones are often in search of healing or some form of assistance. While gemstones can and do help, they do not do all the work. The wearer of gemstones should keep in mind that in order to receive the healing benefits associated with their jewelry, they too must put in work. Gemstones are not a quick fix in healing, but rather act as a motivating catalyst. One must show up and put in the necessary elbow grease to see true results.

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Another important tip to keep in mind when purchasing jewelry made with gemstones is to buy from a trusted source. There has been a buzz in recent years about citrine stones in particular. Some of what is being marketed and sold as citrine is actually not citrine, but baked amethyst. When amethyst reaches a certain temperature it begins to lose its famous purple hue and shifts into a goldish yellow color that mirrors citrine. If the gemstone shopper is most concerned with the healing benefits of their jewelry, they should keep in mind that heat-treated amethyst will still have the molecular aspects of amethyst.

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However, Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy writes that since the color has changed after the amethyst has been baked it will then carry the citrine energy associated with the color. So instead of working with violet amethyst light, the wearer is now receiving the yellow, honey-colored light of citrine. There is some debate around it. Some people believe you will still have amethyst properties even if it is yellow, some will disagree and work with the energy of color and light. It is up to the individual to decide what feels and works best for them.


Gemstone jewelry is an easy way to incorporate metaphysical healing with fashion. With enough research and guidance, anyone can begin to work with energy from the earth. One of the best ways to choose, work, and heal with gemstones is by utilizing intuition and purchasing from a trusted source such SWCreations; if interested in purchasing jewelry for the new year ahead, feel free to contact us.

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