Handcrafted arts have become more accessible than ever before. Thanks to internet connectivity, artisans are able to showcase and sell their creations around the globe. The individual designs of every specially made piece of art are easily within reach of anyone looking for something unique. In this world, jewelry creators and admirers alike can share in the beautiful creativity that goes into every piece we choose to adorn. For anyone who adores handcrafted jewelry, here are just three amazing things you should know about what goes into it.  


It's Strictly Defined

The FTC, aka Federal Trade Commission, says that the term "handmade" cannot be used unless the item in question was genuinely made by hand from start to finish. This means when you see an item advertised as being handmade or handcrafted you know it's authentic. It means the piece was crafted entirely from the labor and care of the artist themselves. No duplication or machine-made piece could ever quite match what's been made deliberately with the hands.

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The Quality Is Often Better

Unlike jewelry that's made on an assembly line, artists of handcrafted items oversee every step of the process. Because of this, it's much easier to control the quality of both the materials and the process itself. Handcrafted designers are more likely to choose reputable suppliers who offer better quality materials for their work. They're also more inclined to value ethics and sustainability than those whose jewelry is mass produced. Workers in some mass produced factories report that they work long hours, safety is not taken into consideration, and receive low wages.


Every Piece Is Special

It's more than just poetic language. When you make something by hand, you're putting your passion, love, and creativity into something that will never be made the same way again. Just as every person is unique, the inspiration and effort that goes into every handmade piece is unique as well. When the jewelry is finished, it's like will never be known again. The beauty of these precious items is in their finite capacity, being a one-and-only item that can never be perfectly replaced. 


At SWCreations, our pieces are one-hundred percent handmade and never mass produced. Visit us here to take a look at our creations and find something that speaks to your own unique story!

March 08, 2019 — SWCreations Jewelry

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