Jewelry and the Value of Uniqueness

At SWCreations Jewelry, we hand-craft each piece of jewelry that we sell, because we believe in the philosophy that items made with care carry more value and provide better assets to our customers.

In some ways, jewelry is all about unique personal expression. That's why it's hard to get excited about items that are mass manufactured.

Mass manufacturing is fine for some things – trash cans, firearms or television sets, to name a few – but it's not great for jewelry.

That's partially because so much of the value of jewelry is in it's aesthetic - in its look and feel, and in its ability to catch the eye, which has to do with its unique beauty.

Using Precious Stones

Handmade unique jewelry also works well with the sourcing of gemstones or precious stones as raw materials.

Many people would say it's a shame to take raw amethyst or carnelian or some other valuable stone and make it into mass-manufactured jewelry. In fact, it's not often done, because cheaper materials are available, and it just really wouldn't fit the business model too well. Businesses that make these types of items in bulk are typically happy with whatever simulated material allows them the highest profit margin.

By contrast, we take pride in utilizing stones like amethyst, turquoise, and other natural gems to adorn our beaded jewelry. You really have to study geology and spend some time working with these materials to get a real feel for the beauty and power of these natural stones.

In-house Beads and Glass Work

At SWCreations, we handcraft our own Lampwork glass beads. Part of the reason is that mass-produced glass beads are often made in a factory and are not kiln annealed and are more likely to crack.

lampwork beads

That goes deeper into the philosophy that someone who's offering unique handmade jewelry should also be involved in making their own components, rather than only sourcing them from somewhere else.

It's an approach that values quality over quantity – artisanship over convenience – an investment over churning out products in order to make a quick buck. You can find a lot more on our website about how we make the beautiful, unique natural items that we craft in our workshop. Look for something you'll love from our catalog that includes various kinds of wedding anklets and marriage jewelry, as well as personal designs that will fit your individual style.

Get your jewelry from a small, local producer – a shop that truly takes the time to craft instead of simply looking at the bottom line. With our convenient e-commerce site, you can easily order the pieces that you like and get quick, convenient shipping. You’ll want to bookmark our site to see what you find over time. Take a look – we’re excited about getting to know you as a customer.

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41 reviews
Anniversary Gift

Thank you for the beautiful blue (wedding) sapphire anklet. I gave it to my wife on our 10 wedding anniversary and she loved it ! it fit her perfectly and the design and color suited her well. Thank you Stephanie for your creativity and attention to detail. Received it well ahead of time and the experience of doing business with you was very positive.

Beautiful anklet

This is the perfect something blue for my daughter to wear on her wedding day!

I love my purchases from you!!

Exquisite piece of jewelry!!!!

When I presented this anklet to my niece on her wedding day, she was brought to tears. Just lovely!!!