Have you ever wondered about the symbolic meaning behind the beautiful gems in your beaded jewelry? Whether you purposely seek out gemstones and crystals for their supposed metaphysical properties or you just like the way they look, there's no doubt that it is interesting to understand the traditional meaning behind your unique beaded jewelry. Here are the top three gemstones that have historically been used to bring good luck.



Long valued in many East Asian cultures, jade is considered to be incredibly lucky, especially when worn as jewelry--in fact, in some Asian cultures, babies are gifted a jade bracelet for luck when they're born. In addition to bringing luck, jade is traditionally thought to help you calm and center yourself. Jade is hugely popular right now, with jade rollers and jade eye masks available in many beauty supply shops. However, a handmade jade anklet is a delicate and beautiful way to incorporate this gem into your life.

jade gemstone jewelry


Historically thought to bring harmony, this popular purple gem is also a good luck charm. In addition to bringing luck, amethyst is traditionally used to help you follow your intuition and make good decisions. 

amethyst gemstone jewelry


Finally, agate is perhaps considered one of the luckiest gemstones. One of the oldest gems to be mined and used for jewelry, agate is thought to increase self-confidence, promote prosperity, and bring bravery during trying times.

agate gemstone jewelry

Gemstones have been used in jewelry for centuries. As long as people have been creating jewelry, they have been creating stories to go with it. Whenever you wear one of these beautiful, sparkling stones, you are connecting to a lush history of symbolism. 

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