There isn't anything precisely like the feeling you can get from a truly distinct piece of jewelry. When a color stands out in such a way that it perks your imagination and makes a genuine impression, you know you've found something worth carrying with you for years to come. This year's Pantone Color of the Year is one such color that really has a feeling all its own. "Living Coral" perfectly embodies the elements of change, transformation, and creativity.

living coral color of the year 

The Pleasant Comfort of Pale Pink

Coral is a living thing. Like all living things, it starts small and grows into something more over time. Coral reefs can grow to be miles upon miles long, supporting some of the most abundant forms of life on the planet. 

In the modern age, it isn't difficult for some of us to lose touch with the natural cycles of the world. Day-to-day life leaves little space for us to slow down and appreciate the beauty that life intrinsically emits. Coral reefs are a stunning portrait of what life is, what it can be, and just how gorgeous living things truly are. Most people never get the chance to see them in person and given their endangered status many never will, but the mere idea of coral has the potential to reconnect us with a world that's vibrant and alive.

candy coral beaded anklet

Possibilities abound with this color to create some real worthwhile pieces of art. Almost any form of jewelry can be made special and evoke an appreciation for life itself when it's in the hands of a passionate creator. At SWCreations, we value the chance to celebrate the things that inspire artists and their patrons. That's why we applaud the choice of Living Coral as this year's color of the year and hope it inspires people around the world to feel more in touch with the natural beauty of life. 

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