This blog discusses some ways to choose the right color for your beaded jewelry. Let's get started.

When in Doubt, Stick to The Basics

Some beaded jewelry colors go well with almost everything. For example, white beaded jewelry looks fabulous no matter what you're wearing. The same goes for black beaded jewelry – it goes well with almost all kinds of outfits. If you're wearing something with not many colors, you can also choose multi-color beaded jewelry that doesn't stick to any particular color palette.

While you can go with beaded jewelry that's more suited to your dress, we'd still recommend getting a few pairs of jewelry that go well with everything. It can save you tons of time, especially if you have to attend an event or a party.

Match it To the Colors of Your Dress

On paper, it sounds easy to match the color of your dress with your beaded jewelry, but it's not that straightforward. If you're trying to match your dress's primary color, we'd recommend not choosing the same shade. Beaded jewelry that's a shade lighter or darker would look far more interesting.

If you're matching it with one of the secondary colors, try to match the hue and the shade as closely as possible. This will make draw attention to your beaded jewelry. For instance, if you wear a dress with a blue pattern over dark green color, select beaded jewelry in the same blue color or teal green, a shade lighter than dark green.

Use The Color Wheel

If your dress has no secondary colors, you can use beaded jewelry to add some color to your outfit. One simple but powerful tool you can use is the color wheel. Find the color of your dress on the color wheel and choose beaded jewelry from the color on the opposite side of the wheel.

Also, choose a shade darker or lighter than your dress to create contrast. Many famous fashion designers and stylists use the color wheel to create fantastic looks for fashion shows and ramp walks.

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