Here's a list of celebrities that have taken the beaded jewelry trend to a new level.

Dua Lipa

Who doesn’t love Dua Lipa, singing and dancing to the beat of ‘Levitating?’ We surely do! But performing isn’t the only thing this Grammy-winning singer excels at. Known for her amazing fashion style, Dua Lipa always steps out in the trendiest outfits. It wasn’t a surprise when she posted a picture of her sunbathing in a gorgeous blue bikini set. However, what caught our eye was the jewelry she paired with her outfit.

She wore a beaded necklace and bracelet set. Both the bracelets and necklace had pearls, beads, and tiny colorful charms that complemented Dua Lipa’s look and gave a unique touch to her sunbathing outfit. Dua always sets fashion standards way too high, but boy, that look took beaded jewelry to a whole new level.

Bella Hadid

Well, once the fashion queens, the Hadid sisters, approve of an outfit or accessory, you know it’s worth trying! When Bella was spotted wearing a white top, jacket, jeans, and a beaded necklace, everyone fell in love with the look, especially with the white beaded necklace. Everyone knows that Bella Hadid likes keeping things simple and classic, which was the case with this beaded necklace too.

Unlike Dua, who opted for a colorful beaded jewelry set, Bella chose a white, simple pearl necklace. The necklace she chose had a butterfly pendant in the middle, adding a small ‘wow’ factor to her simple day outfit. If you’re confused about wearing beaded jewelry, take inspiration from one of the most popular models and Victoria's Secret’s top angel.

Pete Davidson

Well, whoever said that jewelry, specifically beaded jewelry, was only for girls was totally wrong. Apparently, comedian and actor Pete Davidson likes breaking gender clothing and accessory stereotypes, one step at a time.

He paired a simple tee and denim look with not one, not two, but three beaded necklaces layered on top of each other! Two of the necklaces had colorful beads and pearls, but the top one was a white beaded necklace with a pendant. Talk about turning heads with a few necklaces, wow!


A colorful beaded bracelet


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