However, do you wonder why beaded jewelry is making a comeback? Well, here’s why.

Celebrities Have Been Rocking Beaded Jewelry

Well, the best way to revive a dress or accessory trend is to have celebrities wear and endorse it. The same happened with beaded jewelry, as hundreds of people joined the trend after seeing Hollywood celebrities rocking custom-made beaded jewelry. The first person to bring back this trend was internationally-recognized model Bella Hadid. For the past year, Bella has been wearing beaded necklaces on multiple occasions.

Besides Bella, Grammy-winner Dua Lipa also posted a picture wearing a custom beaded necklace and bracelet with her swimsuit. Other celebrities that wore beaded jewelry recently include Pete Davidson, Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, David Beckham, Halsey, and more.

They Bring Back Nostalgia

Designers make accessories, jewelry, and clothes for the Millennials and Gen-Z. It’s also no secret that millennials are fast to jump on any trend that reminds them of the nineties.

Ninety’s bands like Spice Girls, TV shows like The Simpson, and cartoons like Pokémon raised an entire generation, and Millennials and Gen-Z still love them. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that both Millennials and Gen-Z love rocking custom beaded jewelry. It is nostalgic and stylish, captures the nineties and 2000s fashion scene perfectly, and reminds them of their teenage years.

Custom Beaded Jewelry Goes Well with Most Outfits

Want a funky necklace for a fun gathering or a classic pair of pearl earrings for a formal event? The solution is selecting a custom beaded jewelry piece. You can easily get something that suits your attire or an occasion. Moreover, you can easily find unique designs and shades.

 Heart-shaped custom beaded earrings


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August 19, 2022 — Jonah Truong

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